Life's a collision course and I'm a crash test dummy.
Brace for impact!
Join me on a kamikaze run through life as we break down the barriers that keep us from reaching our goals.
Together we will dream more, learn more, do more, and become more on a whirlwind journey of personal discovery and development.


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Life Is A Collision  

First love innocence collides with unspeakable evil.
Heart-stopping thrills crash into unexpected romance. Consuming passions strike unpredictable dangers. 

Are your ready? 

Crash helmets are to the left.
Insurance waivers to the right.
D.M. Kilgore is at the wheel...



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Currently, I am hard at work on-

Suspense Filled Thrillers
Young Adult Paranormal Fantasies
Dramatic Love Stories
Poetry & Lyrics
Special Interest Articles

I also offer "final read-through" 
and other services to help you polish your manuscript 
and keep it error free all the way to publication!  

Hire A Literary Hitwoman 
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