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Hire A Hitwoman

Have you ever purchased a book expecting a great read,
only to find it filled with annoying mistakes?


Photo Credit: D.M. Kilgore

Do you wonder how the mistakes slipped past
a professional team of proofreaders and editors?  

I do.

And that is how the Literary Hitwoman was born.

Hi. I'm the Literary Hitwoman.


The Literary Hitwoman
D.M. Kilgore

I'm here to Kill the Gore in your writing. ©

To Assassinate Every Error

You Need A

Literary Hitwoman!


Hire me and I'll KILL the GORE in your manuscript
by assassinating the errors that others leave behind!


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Hitwoman For Hire!


At my website, I'll explain why YOU need to hire a Literary Hitwoman, what my services include, and the rates for all forms of writing. I'll even hook you up with specialized and full service editing services.


 "D.M. Kilgore has a keen eye for what works and what doesn't. She even has excellent recommendations for how to fix it." -R.M. Harnist, Editor

"D.M. Kilgore has proofread several books for me. She can find the sneakiest mistakes. Her proofs are thorough, professional, and spot on. Critiques have a kind tone without sacrificing depth. If you want a spotless manuscript, set D.M. loose on it. She will kill the gore in your manuscript!" ~LaDonna Cole, Author of The Torn, Book I Holding Kate Series.

"I would recommend D.M. Kilgore for proofreading because she has an eagle's eye. After six others edited, proofed, and critiqued my work, D.M. came in and pinpointed SEVERAL details everyone else had missed - including a professional editor! D.M. does her research, and if she's unsure about the facts of what you've written, she'll track them down and clarify them for your benefit. I would highly recommend using D.M. Kilgore as your proofreader. You won't be sorry!" -Kelsey Keating, Author, and Hybrid Manuscript Critique Specialist

"As a returning customer that found D.M. Kilgore through the recommendation of a friend, I am extremely pleased with her work and will continue to use her with all my works. She seems to have a real eye for errors that everyone else has missed." -Katie Cross, Author of Miss Mabel's School For Girls, Book 1 of the Network Series

"D.M. Kilgore is like the female Columbo of literary works. Even after I had my manuscript professionally edited, D.M. found a few other errors my editor missed! One of the errors was a glaring plot hole to my story and (of the seven people who had already read my story) she was the only person who caught it! She definitely has an eye for detail and does a thorough job critiquing your work. I highly recommend D.M. Kilgore as your personal Literary Hitwoman!" -Isabel Brown, Author


 The Literary Hitwoman is a FINAL READ THROUGH professional.
She does not do intensive story edits or manuscript critiques...

For that you need a



The Literary Hitwoman does not do line,copy, or developmental edits...

For that you need

Quill Pen Editorial Services!


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