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LaDonna Cole


Love, Romance, Science Fiction, Adventure,
The Torn, Holding Kate Series Book I will take you there. 

LaDonna Cole

Abducted to exotic worlds in quantum spheres, a 16 year old beauty, Kate Wilson, and a team of teen misfits confront inner monsters and demons brought to life by quantum science. Dragons, aliens, sentient tornadoes, and tree dwelling natives terrorize them as they fight for survival on strange planets and other worlds, and struggle to overcome emotional turmoil and mental illness.

Torn between two gorgeous boys, Kate struggles for independence, while craving the passion of the bright soul-mate and the sizzle of her strong protector. Running from a fractured family into the heart of chaos, Kate must take a stand and choose what she will become. A romance sci-fi adventure that is sure to please. 


(My Review of The Torn)


LaDonna Cole

 LaDonna Cole is a Texas girl who thrives in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. 

Playing Ukulele, singing, writing fantasy/fiction, and traveling as much as possible, a Psychiatric Nurse and incurable optimist, she draws on her zest for adventure, passion for family, and journey through faith to release the soul of each new story. Published works include. Drummer Boy, and The Torn Book One Holding Kate Series, Heartwork Village Grief Recovery Curriculum, and A Ready Word.

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Where am I now? Who am I this time?
He sat up. Kahtar, I am called Kahtar this time.
S.R. Karfelt

In a small town, an ancient immortal warrior is the local police chief. It's Kahtar's duty to make sure that anyone who wanders into Willowyth doesn't stay long, and the entire police force is in on it.

Beth White is drawn to the idyllic little village, thrilled to find a place to call home and run her business. She barely pays attention to the lies of the quirky locals, and when they try to force her out of town, she stubbornly refuses to go.

The night crazed intruders break into her shop everything changes. Suddenly Beth is thrown into a world of clans and cults, where the police carry swords and heal gunshot wounds with a prayer, and she wants nothing more than to escape.

Not long after taking Beth away from everything she has ever known, Kahtar realizes the magnitude of his mistake. Beth White has secrets of her own, and she has the power to expose him and his secrets in a way he's never faced in all millennia on earth.


( My Review of WOA)


Some people have a hard time fitting into the world.
S.R. Karfelt

All of her life Carole Blank has been a little faster, a little stronger, and a little uncooperative. The voices in her head want her to follow their rules, and although they’re usually right, Carole doesn’t always listen.

As a Marine, Carole’s unnatural abilities and penchant for fighting are useful. Unfortunately, her inability to follow orders over the demands of the voices gets her into trouble.

Enter Lieutenant Colonel Ted White, a man she is inexplicably drawn to. A man who sentences her to the life of an assassin, while denying her the only thing she’s ever wanted—him.

Follow the journey of a woman born in the wrong world, as she fights for a place to belong and sacrifices everything for those she loves.

BLANK is a prequel and Book Two in the Warrior of the Ages series.




S.R. Karfelt

S. R. Karfelt - Wife, mother, novelist, and entrepreneur. 

She enjoys spending time with her muse and living outside her comfort zone. 
S. R. currently resides in the soaring capital of the world.

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W. Franklin Lattimore


 Welcome to the Otherealm, where Heaven, Hell, and Man battle for the soul.

Book 1

A naïve college man. A scheming female witch. Both of these young adults hide dark secrets: ties to the occult and a terrifying spirit world known as the Otherealm. While one will eventually find freedom, the other will attempt to manipulate and destroy a life. Join three men and three women as they backpack through the forested hills of Southern Ohio on journey toward evil that seeks to destroy them all.



(My Review of Freedom Fight)



Book 2

Twenty-four years have passed since Brent Lawton's close-call encounter with a black-magic practicing witch. As a sergeant for the Millville Police Department he has lived a life of relative safety ever since. But that's about to change. A darkness that has been brewing over the past thirty years is about to be unleashed on a neighboring community. Forced to make a decision that violates his oath as a police officer, he chooses to break the rules in order to protect his family and those he had been hired to protect. Neither he nor his family will get off lightly. Death is imminent, and the Otherealm seeks its place in a physical world. 

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W. Franklin Lattimore
"With Freedom Fight, W. Franklin Lattimore propels himself into the ranks of powerful storytellers like Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. Not only does he weave a tale of intrigue, intelligence and deep characters, he does it with the bold courage to rip the curtains away from dark truths, which is too often lacking in authors today. The result is a fascinating story that will leave you excited and shaking and flipping pages faster than you can say, ‘Holy cow!’" Robert Liparulo, Bestselling Author of Comes a Horsman, Dreamhouse Kings, The 13th Tribe, and The Judgment Stone

 W. Franklin Lattimore is the author of the Otherealm Saga which debuted in July 2013 with Freedom Fight. Books 2 (Freedom War) & 3 (Freedom Zone) are complete and going through final edits. The fourth book, Freedom Cry, is currently a work in progress. His former involvement in the occult as a teenager was the springboard for writing the Otherealm Saga. Now a committed Christian, his books are written as a wake-up call to those dabbling in, curious about, and heavily active in witchcraft and other "spiritual" activities. His books are also designed to educate Christians on their position and authority in Christ and their responsibility to make Jesus known to their communities, while possibly taking some risks to do so.

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Linnette R. Mullin 


She turned to him for comfort...
Now she has discovered his...
dark side.

Trapped by the reality of past choices... lost in confusion and pain, Beth Gallagher must find her way back to God. Just when she finds peace and meets a new friend in Adam Blythe, tragedy strikes and Beth faces new demons that threaten to destroy her and her future. Will she ever find her way amidst the emotional mine-field? 


(My Review of Finding Beth)


Linnette R. Mullin

Linnette R. Mullin is an award winning author of Life-changing Romance. 

She is also a member of ACFW, and HACWN of Kansas City, as well as the Founder and Coordinator of PCWN in South Carolina. The blessed mother of four wonderful sons, she's liable to talk more about them than her writing. You may purchase her award winning book, "Finding Beth", at her website - (autographed copies), her publisher - (book club specials), or (available on Kindle, also). Visit her website for more information including all her social links. Happy reading!

Visit Linnette R Mullin at: 




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Devin Berglund

A rewarding fable about hope’s unexpected 
resurrection when it seems all hope is gone.” - Erin Healy

Devin Berglund

 After losing her husband to a car accident, Silvia yearns for the normal life she once had and the love she lost. One night, while walking through the forest, her life is turned upside down when she discovers a mysterious secret in the forest.

This is a twist on the fairytales we were told while we were young. It’s a story about fate, loss, and giving life a second chance.

Wow! With “Hope for Another Day,” Devin Berglund 
has masterfully crafted a story as enchanting as the most captivating fairy tale. 
It’s a story you won’t soon forget or ever want to.” -Robert Liparulo


Devin Berglund - Writer, dreamer, wanderer & all-time enjoyer of life.

She loves crafting stories that change lives. 
Devin recently finished her first full-length book The Mason of Hearts
It is the first in a Fantasy Adventure trilogy. 
She's also working toward agent representation.

 Visit Devin Berglund at her website and Facebook:
 Devin's also on Twitter & Instagram: 









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