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Writers Connection

Please visit the pages, blogs, and websites below and show your support for some of my very favorite writers! 


From the talented up-and-comers to the seasoned pros, we'd all love to hear from you and know you're reading (or anxiously anticipating) our work!

My Favorite Authors:

New York Times Best-Selling Author of Fireproof and Two Seconds Late
Official Author Website  /  Facebook Fan Page

ROBERT LIPARULO-  Best-Selling Author of Comes A Horseman, Germ, Deadfall, Deadlock, The 13th Tribe, and The Dreamhouse Kings series
Official Author Website /
Facebook Fan Page

STEVEN JAMES- Best-Selling Author and Master Story Teller
Official Author Website /
Facebook Fan Page

TED DEKKER- New York Times Best-Selling Author
Official Author Website / Facebook Fan Page

TOSCA LEE-  New York Times Best-Selling Author
Official Author Website / Facebook Fan Page

Kevin Kaiser

Joan Hall Hovey, Award Winning Suspense
-Official Author Website

"Living the Blue Monkey Life in a Brown Monkey's World"

The Blue Monkeys are a group of writers who met at a writing conference like no other. The Ragged Edge was hosted by writers Ted Dekker, Robert Liparulo, Eric Wilson, Steven James, and Tosca Lee.  They shared their insights and wisdom about what it takes to live a writer's life and write on the Ragged Edge.  In spawned a group of passionate writers who are more determined than ever to bleed on the page and create books worth reading.  Below you will find a one of a kind collection of published and aspiring writers.  They are a tribe of unique, engaging writers of fiction, non-fiction, blogs, and more!

More of My Favorite Writers:
(Under Construction & In Random Order But The Links Should Work!)


Official Author Website

Kelsey Keating
- Life Unpublished

W. Franklin Lattimore
Author of The Otherealm Saga

Official Author Website


Tyler J. Carrington
The Savior, The Script, The Story

RM Harnist

RM Harnist, Writer and Editor

Rob Holliday
Official Facebook Fan Page

Stephanie Pazicni Karfelt
Author of Warrior of the Ages
and Blank
Official Author Website
The Glitter Globe

Linnette R. Mullin
Award Winning Author of Life Changing Romance.
Finding Beth

An Odyssey In Prose

Devin Berglund
Writing Through Life

Isabel Brown

Official Author Website

Heather Sudbrock
Made Visible, Thrilling Supernatural Revelations

Ashley J.

The Heretic's Heartbeat

Elizabeth Buzard
Official Author Website

LaDonna Cole
Author of The Torn: Book One of the Holding Kate Series

Heartwork Village

Brian K. Perry
Official Author Website

Amy Machelle
Official Author Website

Heather Burch-
Best Selling Author of Halflings

Heather Burch Books

Tom Mohan
One Step Beyond Reality

Colette St. Onge Pedersen
Raven Writer

Reuben Horst

Exploring the world through pen and ink (and a keyboard).

Kimberly Robertson
Less More Abudantly

Tracey Eyster

Official Author Website

Britton Peele

Official Author Website


More Favorites I've Met Outside The Jungle:



J.S. Bailey

 Author of Rage's Echo, The Land Beyond the Portal,
Shorts:  Weary Traveler, Vapors




Katie Cross

Author of Miss Mabel's School For Girls

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