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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ten Ways To Ruin A Writer's Day

Ten Ways To Ruin A Writer's Day, D.M. Kilgore, The Realm, Am Writing, Crazy Life


#1  We're out of Chai Tea and French Vanilla Creamer so I filled your cup with instant decaf coffee and 2% milk.


#2  You weren't going to eat that last cinnamon roll, right?


#3  Is your appointment at 3 or 2? I think I told you 3, but it's actually at 2.


#4  The dogs need to go out.


#5  The dogs are ready to come back in.


#6  The dogs need to go out.


#7  Oh, were you busy? I can let the dogs out.


#8  Where's the stain remover?


#9  I know you have an essay due, a doctor's appointment, and a trip to the pharmacy that is going to eat away your working hours but if you could stop by the store and grab three things that I forgot I was out of when you went to the store yesterday...


#10 I understand that you have a meeting tonight, a webinar to attend, and a video conference all at the same time-- which is smack dab in the middle of the baby's "bedtime" routine,  but I'm just not comfortable with diapers and bottles yet.

Help! *Waves White Flag*



Katie Cross said...

Oh man, Donna. Your life is so crazy! Seriously! I hope things calm down a bit for you.

And let me say, I TOTALLY get that dog routine. Drives. Me. Crazy. I finally moved my computer to my kitchen so that I wouldn't have to keep walking all the way through the house to let them out. :)

DM Kilgore said...

Ah! I understand all too well. Mine go out- the two "smart ones" come back in. The dumb one leads the blind one off and then comes back without him. This leads to a rousing game of "Where's Black-Jack?" that lasts just long enough for me to scour the neighborhood only to return home and find his little blind butt sitting on the porch waiting to be let in. o.O

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