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Friday, February 13, 2015

It's My Party!

Today it's all about this little man right here.

12 years ago today I delivered this bundle of joy and I knew the moment I saw him I'd been blessed beyond measure.

He's the sweetest, funniest, most compassionate, loving, smart, and quirky kid on the planet. I would be so incomplete without him.

Today, for his 12th birthday, Fun Friday is all his.

One of his birthday wishes was to write a post about his big day. Blog about his special day? I can't say no to that. (In fact, I'm quite delighted!)

Without further ado... It's HIS party.

Hi. I'm Blue-Stingray (that's my gamer tag) and I'm 12 years old today. That's getting pretty old. Just yesterday I was 11! Friday is always Fun Day at our house but today is extra fun and extra special and I get to pick out everything we are going to do. Here is my kind of party:

1. No school work. I get to play and have fun. I like homeschool because I always get my birthday off.

2. I get to see my Nanny and Pa.

3. Pancake breakfast!

4. Gifts! I hope to get an XBOX360 points card so I can download Pacific Rim the game. I'll get to open presents right after breakfast.

5. If I get the points card I will get to play my new game until dinner time. If not I'll play with whatever I do get until dinner time. I can do what I want on my birthday.

6. Mom is fixing one of my favorites for dinner- Chicken Alfredo. Last year I had angel hair pasta.

7. CAKE! I asked mom to bake me one this year. I like home made better than the store kind. I get to pick the flavor and help her bake it if I want too. It will be chocolate cake with vanilla icing. I hope it has the number candles. Blowing out two is better than twelve. That's hard work!

8. Movie night! I got to pick out both the Netflix movies. I picked 2 Transformers Movies. I can't wait to watch them with mom and dad. If I'm not too full from cake mom is going to make me some Ranch Popcorn.

9. I am old enough to read the books on the too old for you bookcase in the school room now. They are books my big brother read when he was in 6th - 8th grade. I don't see much sci fi though so I haven't picked one yet.

10. I am also old enough to watch the "too old for you" movies on the other bookcase. I just have to ask first because some are PG-13 and some are not. I think Wing Commander looks good.

11. I get to stay up an extra hour now that I'm a year older!

12. Tomorrow I can have birthday cake for breakfast.

And that's all but that's enough because it's awesome to be 12 and to have a birthday party with my family. People say Friday the 13th is unlucky but it is lucky when it's your birthday. I will wish everyone GOOD LUCK today when I blow out my candles!

Thanks for reading. This was fun.



Kelsey-plain and simple said...

Oh. My. Gosh. "I can do what I want on my birthday"
Brendan I don't know if you meant the sass, but I'm feeling (AND LOVING) the sass.
I used to get my birthday off every year too if I wanted, and I went to public school. My mom just never made me go.

Your list is awesome. Have a fantastic and happy birthday!

Lady Draon of the Seven Seas said...

Happy Birthday Blue-Stingray! You have an awesome bday planned out! I hope you have a wonderful day! When I was your age I read every Star Wars and Tolkien book I could get my hands on. Happy Birthday!

Cindy DeBerge said...

Happy Birthday! What a lucky kid to be born on the 13th! Sounds like you have a very happy, special day planned. Your parents and grandparents are the best and no one can ask for more than that. You have a great day today and milk it for all it's worth. :D

J. S. Bailey said...

Happy birthday! It sounds like it's going to be a good one!

Ashley P. said...

Fantastic! My gamer tag is AshAngelV, though I don't think we play the same games. I love sci fi, too. Have you read any Star Wars? The Dreamhouse Kings series is fun, if you like time travel. Speaking of time travel, Doctor Who is also wicked fun. Hope you have a good one. Happy birthday!

LaDonna Cole said...

Blue-Stingray, Happy Birthday! Hope your list comes true plus some surprises. I love books and movies! My gamer name /alter ego is WowMom5000, I like to play when Spritespitter lets me. He is the king of game consoles around here and he is very picky about what subjects of his realm get to play. I bow to his sovereignty. Anyhoot, have a happy, snappy, slappy day!

Colette Pedersen said...

I love your list! Ian does too. He says he wished he lived closer so he could watch Transformers with you. I hope that you have a super fun Birthday! We always eat birthday cake the next day for breakfast too.

Elaine Grey said...

Happy birthday Blue Stingray! What a great post!! If you like to write and blog, you are more than welcome to guest blog on my page :)
Enjoy your extra special Friday Fun Day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Blue Stingray! I love pancakes and cake and Chicken Alfredo, too! Have a great day with your wonderful family! God bless! :)


BlueStingray said...

Thank you every one for the nice comments. I had a really good day and thank you for sharing it with me. Love and Peace - B. :D

Natalie Pierson said...

Happy Birthday, Blue Stingray! Hope your day was amazing! Hey, I love Chicken Alfredo, and birthday cake for breakfast is amazing! My nephew Jasper's birthday is March 13th. So the 13th is a lucky day! That was a great list. Thanks for posting it for us :)

S. R. Karfelt said...

So glad you had your day off! Everyone should get their birthday off, don't you think, Blue Stingray? It sounds like a perfect day. Hope you liked your presents and have the best year yet!

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