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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Shenaningans For Slackers - Send In The Musers!

It's a true story... Saturdays at The Realm with D.M. Kilgore
D.M. Kilgore
Slacking Done Right


It's not that I'm lazy...


I'm just too busy.


Too Busy = Too Tired

Too Tired = Slacker!

Dear Bloody Diary... Saturday Shenanigans at The Realm, D.M. Kilgore

January 10, 2015
Saturday Shenanigans

What? I'm awake! Just, you know.. uh.. stretching my spine. Yeah. That's it. Saturday at The Realm with D.M. Kilgore
D.M. Kilgore
Busted in her Slacker-Wear!
-writer cam-

I love sharing amazing, awesome, inspiring, instructional, encouraging, and hilarious posts with my friends, family, and fans.

The place I find all this share-worthy fabulousness?

Read Write Muse!

But... I've been slacking.

College assignments, holiday chaos, zombie virus, etc.

I was too tired to so much as copy/paste a link.



So, for today's shenanigans it's a slacker-share-a-thon!

It's time to send in the clowns

(oh heck no!)



A little something for everyone, courtesy of The Musers at Read Write Muse:



Time for our New Year Resolution… Fails ;) Posted by Kirstin Pulioff in Motivational Musings, Shared from The Realm of D.M. Kilgore
Motivational Musings
by Kirstin Pulioff

 Feeling like a failure?
Good news! So are we!

Time for our New Year Resolution… Fails ;)

Posted by
in Motivational Musings
 Resolutions going great? This one is not for you.

For the rest of us, dig into this delightful post
that uncovers the beauty of failure.


Bouncing back from a crash and burn?
New Beginnings Posted by Laura Custodio in Read Write Muse, shared from The Realm of D.M. Kilgore
I Can Start Again
Laura Custodio

Laura gives us hope for the new year!


New Beginnings

Posted by   

"January is a month filled with promises and fresh starts. A new beginning is about to take place, a fresh start to an old adventure. I can feel it each time as I take a breath, this hope stirring within me that I can start again..." - Laura Custodio

In The Writing News episode 2  Posted by Katie Cross in In The Writing News, shared from The Realm of D.M. Kilgore
Katie Cross Has The News You Need!

You Want News?
Katie's Got News!

In The Writing News episode 2

What's going on in publishing?

Take a look at all the "must read"
articles for writers of any genre!

Journaling the Journey: Best Laid Plans  Posted by Andrea Asay in Journaling the Journey, shared from The Realm of D.M. Kilgore
Plans? Not for Andrea Asay!
(This much gorgeous needs no plan.)

She's Back and Better Than Ever!
Andrea has no plans and the attitude to go with it...


Journaling the Journey: Best Laid Plans

Posted by in Journaling the Journey
"Stepping up like never before. Voicing fresh ideas and springing into action to craft their reality. I will imagine great new things, and breathe new life into old ones. My mind is boundless. It is time to open it up for the world to take a peek..." - Andrea Asay

How to Rock Your Twitter Account Posted by Natalie J. Pierson in Author Platform, Social Media, shared from The Realm of D.M. Kilgore
Natalie J. Pierson can help you BLOW UP your platform!

Ever wondered how best to use social media?
Check out the queen of all things media!

How to Rock Your Twitter Account

Posted by
in Author Platform, Social Media
Natalie has it going on when it comes to helping writers build their platforms. Bam!
The ins and outs of social media a mystery? Not anymore!


No one can rock an identity crisis
Creatives Needed: Inquire Within Posted by Holly Brown in  Mommy v Pen, shared from The Realm of D.M. Kilgore
Holly Brown fights the pen
as only a Mommy-Writer can

quite like a mommy of littles can!

Creatives Needed:
Inquire Within

Posted by in  Mommy v Pen

There she stood, in all her beauty, staring at the many options as a chorus of "This Is Halloween" vibrated through her nerve endings. Holly Brown isn't just relating her Mommy day to us, she's going in deep...  right to the heart of the matter. Stick with the familiar comfort zones of life? Or go in guns blazing and grab new opportunities?
Muse-ical Chairs Posted by LaDonna Cole in Muser Madness, The Muse's Mirror, Top 10, shared from The Realm of D.M. Kilgore
Poor LaDonna Cole!
This cannot be good!

I told you about this yesterday,
But it's a very important public announcement.
My muse Sybil has been located...

Muse-ical Chairs

Posted by in Muser Madness,
The Muse's Mirror, Top 10

Sybil showed up at Four Doors Manor and has been terrorizing poor LaDonna Cole... who has gone MIA within the shadowy depths of the Muse's Mirror! Not only that, but a cryptic "Top 10 Ways Sybil Could Murder LaDonna" appeared only moments before we lost contact. What is going on? And for how long? You'll have to stay tuned to find out...

Dragon Diaries- Get Off My Back! Posted by Colette Pedersen in Dragon Diaries,shared from The Realm of D.M. Kilgore
Has anyone seen this dragon-rider-writer?
Colette Pedersen has really done it this time...

And I thought the chocolate monkey was bad!

Dragon Diaries- Get Off My Back!

Posted by in Dragon Diaries
So, Colette Pederson, dragon rider/writer, has been sneaking around with a rock star. My bad, is that supposed to be a secret? I mean, everyone knows. Even Abrax the Ancient. And he is NOT happy about this two-timing. Just look what he's doing...


That's a lot of awesome all in one day!

Take your time and enjoy each delectable morsel.

But wait!

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