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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Raving With The Seroquel Fairy

Dear Seroquel Fairy... is this necessary?


I had a blog planned but...









Dear Bloody Diary... Sluggish Sunday

January 4, 2015
Sluggish Sunday

Has the Seroquel Fairy ever visited you?
Morning Writer Cam


Has the  

Seroquel Fairy 

ever visited you?



She can zap the best laid plans. I hate giving in to her siren call, but now that hydrocodone (which helped my fibromyalgia when it was at its worst) is a class 3, there's just no relief in sight. After several nights of painful tossing, turning, and longing for a date with Mr. Sandman... I gave in. 

It's my own fault.

These things come in 300 mg???
Bad Juju!
I should have taken a 1/2, but no, no, not me. I had to go all in and take a whole one.

25 mg. Knocked me O.U.T. for 14 hours.

These things come in 300mg.  

HOW are these people not comatose? 

And no intelligent life anywhere! Ha!
or not...

I know they use it for bipolar, schizophrenia, and an array of other conditions, but for me, it was prescribed for sleep. 

Seroquel, your mini-coma awaits!
Can't Sleep! I'm a Minion!
It's not unusual for me to go up to five nights without sleeping. Pain is a demon that doesn't care how tired you are. Insomnia loves to party with Pain. 

They can pull an all-nighter like nobody's business. 

Raving With The Seroquel Fairy is not for the weak of heart.
Party On Garth!

You know what you get after partying all night?
I woke up at 2:15 pm today with my typical "morning after" hangover and the fierce Seroquel-Munchies. 

All my plans for blogging, grocery shopping, writing, cleaning, and taking down my Christmas tree? Out the window.

The Seroquel Fairy is banned. I'm going to start looking for another bed-mate. No more mini-comas for me. I have plans to stick to, a life to live, and things (soooo many things) to write about. 

Be vewy vewy qwuiet!

Here sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.....
It's Fairy Season!

 I'm hunting something stronger than a 
Benadryl-Melatonin Cocktail
And much less coma-inducing than the 
Seroquel Fairy.


Do you suffer from insomnia?
What's your "go-to" sleep aid?


Let me know!

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