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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
Who's ready to win?

Last Tipsy Tuesday...

I told you how much


Then I decided...

A 50% Off Coupon!


TIPSY TUESDAY AT THE REALM! Pants not required!

I'm going to choose the winner!



But first...

Dear Bloody Diary... Tipsy Tuesday

January 13, 2015
Tipsy Tuesday

Tipsy Tuesday Makes Me Crazy!
E'ry body at The Realm gettin' Tipsy!
D.M. Kilgore - Writer Cam -

It's not Tipsy Tuesday until I share a tip with you!

Today, I have THREE tips for you.


Calm down! Don't hurt yourself!

I know!

It's so exciting to get three for the price of one!



Tip # 1

True story... *sob*

Writing software that works for you will make it easier. 


Here is my favorite system for "easier" writing:

~A WINNING Combination~

Bam- this is how you win!

ScrivenerScrivener CoachScapple


Yeah baby!


Software that I highly recommend if Scrivener isn't for you:

Anthemion's Writer's Cafe

Character Writer

Movie Outline 3

Ian approves.


Extra stuff that makes writer-life easier:

Aeon Timeline

Hemingway App

Free Mind


Even the devil has to agree with these tips!

If you struggle with time management issues:

The Pomodoro Technique


Don't knock it til you try it!

If you struggle with digital distractions:



Admit it. You've done this instead of writing... at least once.

Tip # 2

A Winning Plan... but not like this guy!

 Have A Plan!

Writing is a business and you need a business plan.

Start Here:

Jamie Gold's Business Plan for Writers & Worksheet

Angela Ackerman's 7-Step Business Plan for Writers

Off to a fine start now!

Tip # 3

She rocks the hair and the writing and the editing- can you say AWEOME?
Who needs hair when you're awesome?
photo credit: Kelsey Keating

 Hire A Shieldmaiden!


Yes, you DO need an editor.

I don't care who you are, or how "amazing" your writing is.



Don't even ask, "Should I hire an editor?"


Okay, now back to the tip...

Kelsey Keating is The Shieldmaiden.

Her sword is sharp.


She knows how to wield it precisely because not only is she a top-notch editor, she's a writer than understands the process, the creative force, and the attachment we all have for our stories. She doesn't sugar coat. That's one of the many things I love about working with her. 


I will never send ANY story off for publishing until I've hired
The Shieldmaiden to slice and dice it first.

Kelsey Keating... AWESOME.

Take a look at this post at Read Write Muse
and you'll see why she's my first choice:


We've all been there... writer... or editor... the struggle is real.

The Hardest Part of Editing – Literary Lies


Then visit her at her

Shieldmaiden's Corner

PS - in case you haven't caught on yet, today's GIF-fest is in honor of Kelsey!



Now... about that 50% Off Scrivener Winner...

And The Winner Is...

Drawing Time!
The entries are ready...
Now where is that monkey helper I ordered?

 *drum roll*

No Peeking Dan Dee!
The Suspense Is Killing Me!
And the crowd goes wild! It's JENNA CARLSON FOR THE WIN!




Awww, what about the others that entered but didn't win?

You are ALL winners to me! Here's proof!


How about a runner up drawing for 40% of Aeon Timeline? 


Here we go again!
dun dun dun...

Congrats Amber Box!!!


I'd like to thank all of you for your support and participation!

 I will be contacting you both with your winning discount coupons today!

Thanks for playing!
I've also given each of you 5 bonus entries into the January prize pack drawing.

Subscribe & Comment for your chance to win!
Win Win Win!


I'm D.M. Kilgore, and I really do own a brush and mascara!
D.M. Kilgore

I'm D.M. Kilgore, and this is The Realm.

You'll find a daily dose of me here, every dag-um day. 


I hope you enjoy today's tips and find
the perfect software, system, business plan, and editor
to help you be the very best writer you can be!



Tune in tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday!


When I'm not rambling about here, you can catch my monthly series at 

Read Write Muse

The Muse's Mirror on the 11th of each month
and The Conscious Dreamer on the 27th of each month



Kelsey-plain and simple said...

This is awesome! Thank you so much, I'm super touched :) Love the GIF-fest.
You rock, DM. Always.

DM Kilgore said...

YOU rock. One of my best tips ever- hire a Shieldmaiden. ;)

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! And the fact you sealed it with "my boys," gets you brownie points!


DM Kilgore said...

SPN never hurts my viewership. ;) Enjoy!!!

LaDonna Cole said...

Oh, that blue monkey is adorable!!! Congrats to the winners!

DM Kilgore said...

Isn't he a cutie? I'm getting quite a collection. ;)

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