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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Does Scrivener Drive You To Drink?

Scrivener! Love it? Hate it?
Black & White- No Gray Here.
50% OFF



Most writers know about it.

Some love it.
Some hate it.

Dear Bloody Diary...


January 6, 2015
Tipsy Tuesday

I'm D.M. Kilgore and I approve this message!
I'm D.M. and I approve!
-writer cam-

It's Tipsy Tuesday & I'm Intoxicated
by the wonders of Scrivener!

That's right.

I'm team LOVE it.

But, I didn't always love it.



I admit, I've always been overly fond of the cork-board feature...

Oh you beautiful cork-board!
Whoo! Cork-board!


 But the rest?


Whoa! Many Features. So much wowness!
Wow. Much Features.
photo credit: Literature & Latte


It felt overwhelming and complicated.

And the learning curve?


Learning Cuves... ain't nobody...

Scrivener is an amazing content-generation  tool for writers who want to concentrate on composing and structuring complex documents. It allows the user to have complete control of formatting and provides features that are meant to help you finish your first draft. 

I heard about Scrivener at a rather unconventional writing conference and after taking a quick peek at the site, I was pretty much hooked by this:

photo credit: Literature & Latte

Order from chaos?
Did they make this just for little ol' me?

So, I decided to give it a try. I started with the trial offer.

I was both impressed and terrified.

Is it awesome? Heck yeah! Is it loaded with features? Dang skippy! Is it something you can download and fix your chaotic WIP or begin a new WIP and avoid the mess? You better believe it!

Is it easy to use? Well...

It's easy enough to spend the trial period tinkering with, but the learning curve was a bit enormous for this not-so-techy-writer.

I liked it enough to buy it, but only because I had a nice discount coupon. I thought I'd figure it out eventually. It certainly had potential. And did I mention the cork-board feature? *swoon*

A year into using Scrivener, I was more organized. My WIP was less of a mess than it was using my old school copy/paste/notes/files/MS-Word method. And yet, I'd barely mastered the basics. I wasn't even aware of some of the most powerful built in features for writers. 

I'd probably still be unaware and plugging along with the tip of the iceberg Scrivener experience if not for The Scrivener Coach.

I spent about twenty minutes on his site thinking, "This sounds too good to be true." Then I noticed the Free Mini-Course. Hmm. Free is good. I like FREE! It only took about 6 minutes for me to decide this would be one of the best investments I'd ever make in terms of my writing career.

I was blown away by what I learned in the free course so I indulged in the NINJA package and set up a daily schedule to view each module and unleash Scrivener's (and my own) true potential.

Now, instead of working my butt of for Scrivener, Scrivener is working for me. Is it for everyone? Nah. I think all writers have their method. It might take a while to find the "write" one for you. When you do, the heavens will open and you'll hear angels singing and-- well, okay, maybe not-- but you'll at least yell, "Boo-Yah!". 

Have you ever wanted to give Scrivener a try? Why not check out the free trial and the Learn Scrivener Fast Mini-Course?

I think by the time you finish both you'll know if Scrivener is the right program for you.

For those of you ready to take a leap and buy Scrivener now, I have a little treat for you!

I'm giving away a 50% off coupon for Scrivener!

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3. Comment below and tell me what you love (or not) about Scrivener and if you plan to try out Learn Scrivener Fast.

That's it! 
I'll draw the winner next Tipsy Tuesday

(Jan. 13)

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I hope today's post intoxicated or at least inspired you.


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Amber E. Box said...

I commented, but now it's not showing! :)

DM Kilgore said...

Dang. Blogger is drunk again! LoL

This totally counts. ;) You're good. Thanks for dropping by!!!

Anonymous said...

(psssst, your FB link in the body isn't linking.)

I've wanted Scrivener since the day we met, but unfortunately my wallet isn't so keen on our unrequited love. I'm the type of person who can work on 4-5 different stories at one time, but I need a software that can keep up with me and my scattered ideas/characters. I'm pretty good at figuring software out for myself, but after watching so many demo videos on it, I would find it WISE to take the learning course.

DM Kilgore said...

Thank you for the heads up about the link! I'll just have to fix that right now. The learning course really is worth every dime. I hated to spend the money on it, but once I got into it... so worth it. I had no idea all the things I could do with Scrivener! Good luck on the contest! Maybe it will be your lucky week. =)

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