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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Last Day of May? Time for a Summer News Flash!

For most people

Photo Credit:  D.M. Kilgore

 Summer means a break from school and a much needed vacation.

For me, it means summer school and pretending stay-cations are awesome.

I'll be continuing my college classes throughout the summer.
I'll be continuing to homeschool my son so he can review math and spelling.
I'll be continuing to work on my manuscripts.
I'll be continuing to blog here and at Obey The Muse.
I'll be continuing to pretend that my above ground pool is the ocean, my dogs are exotic sea life, and my weedy backyard is a tropical oasis.  Stay-cations are awesome.  Just. Awesome.

Writers don't really take vacations, you know.

I'll also be working on side jobs like writing articles, and beta/proofreading for other writers, etc.  After all, the bills need to be paid, and I'm now the sole bread winner.  Yikes.  Scary, isn't it?  I'm still holding out hope that I'll hear back about a dream job I applied for, but until then, I'll be working as:

The Literary Hitwoman
Killing the Gore
in other people's manuscripts.  


You can now find all the information on my Hire A Literary Hitwoman page.

My summer blog schedule is now posted and I'm seeking talented writers and guest bloggers to help me keep The Realm fun and fresh.  You can head over to the Summer Schedule & Submissions Info page to see if there is a day/theme that tickles your fancy.  I'd love to feature you here.

Now that you are up-to-date on what's new this summer, stay tuned for the the first official "Musing Monday" post for Summer 2014.  (And yes, I know it's not officially "Summer" until the 21st, but this is MY party and I can lie if I want to.)

D.M. Kilgore
Musing Monday Post
Coming June 2, 2014