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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Obey The Muse Debut Today!

I make my debut appearance over at OBEY THE MUSE today. 


Episode 1 of "Stories from the Straight Jacket"
Available now for your entertainment. 
Enjoying my insanity... one blog post at a time.

Monday, February 10, 2014

When Writers Don't Write

It's not writers block.


Writers block means the words and the ideas won't come.  
For me, the words and the ideas won't stop coming.

They come while I'm eating.  I have napkins with story notes on them.  I'm pretty sure one is written in ketchup.

They come while I'm sleeping.  I've started making sure that my Kindle is by my pillow.  This way I can make digital notes that don't require turning on the light, or ruffling pages, or mad scribbling sounds.

They come while I'm in the shower.  I bought some of those colorful soap crayons so I can jot down notes on the shower wall while shampoo runs down my face. 

They come while I'm driving.  I've got a dozen voice-recordings on my cell phones... random things like, "Be sure that (character) finds out that (character) was the one behind (event)". 

They come while I'm watching one of the three shows I watch on television.  I keep a notepad and pen by the remote.

They come while I'm homeschooling.  "Quiet Story Hour" has become "Mom's Thinking/Jotting Hour".

They come while I'm writing college essays.  More than once I've turned in a paper that had notes in the margins.  Notes that had nothing to do with the class or the assignment.

They come while I'm at the grocery store.  People in town are getting used to seeing me talking to myself on the bread aisle.

So, clearly, it's not a lack of material to work with that has kept me from writing.  In fact, the truth is, that I still spend my days writing.  Writing essays.  Writing lesson plans.  Writing notes about writing.

What I'm not writing... are the many novels that I have my heart set on finishing.

Why?  Because I am doing other things.  Cleaning my house.  Reading lots of books.  Working with my son on his classwork.  Working on maintaining my 4.0 college average.  Working on my fitness goals.  Working on my Facebook updates.  Working on proof-reading projects.  Working on everything but my novels.

Would it be so hard to get on here once a week and write a decent blog?  Or to get on my laptop every night and type out a thousand words?

Not really.  Considering all that I juggle in a day, tacking on some writing shouldn't be that hard.

So why have I turned out nothing but scribbled notes since November 30th?

I. Don't. Know.

True story.  Fascinating isn't it?

The one thing I've managed to make more time for in the past couple of months is reading.  I admit, the reading time comes during the hours that I used to write.  It has always been a struggle for me to balance time to write and time to read.  I admit, had I not been reading so much, I would have been writing.  I wish I had an answer to how to balance these two loves.  At the moment, I don't.  I will try to find a way though.

It's time.  Time to get back to my job of writing.  Not lesson plans, or essays, or notes... but blogs, novels, short stories, poems, articles-- whatever I desire.  It's time to put the creative back into creative writer.

I'll be blogging at Obey The Muse beginning this month.  Look for "Stories from the Straight Jacket" on the 12th of each month.  If I have to be crazy, I might as well write about it, right? 

I'll be working on getting more regular blogging going on here at The Realm again too.

And... I'll be working to get in at least 1,000-2,500 words a night on my novels.

Wish me luck. 

I'm hoping that tossing another chainsaw (or two) into my juggling act won't be fatal.

So... What about you?

Do you struggle to balance two *or more* things in your life?  

If so, what are they and how do you find/make time for both?