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Monday, October 6, 2014

Musing About those Amazing and Amusing Musers!

D.M. Kilgore, The Realm, Musing Mondays, Writing Life

It's Musing Monday
At The Realm!

What's on my mind?


You do know what a Muser is, don't you?

I certainly hope so!
Because I happen to be one!


Muse: v. mused, mus·ing, mus·es

To be absorbed in one's thoughts.



Therefore, a Muser is one who is absorbed in their thoughts. 

This is where it gets fun. 

D.M. Kilgore, Musing Mondays, The Realm

Have you ever been inside a Muser's brain? 

Egads! It's like Saturday Night Live meets Chicken Soup For The Soul meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest meets The Shining

Here, let me show you. You know that saying that a picture is worth a thousand words?


Meet The Musers!

Read Write Muse, The Musers
We Are RWM
Photo Credit: Read Write Muse, LLC

As you can see this is no ordinary group of writers. Trust me when I tell you that Read Write Muse is no ordinary blog. If you haven't ventured over there yet, you're missing out. Let me introduce you to The Musers and tell you a little bit about what they are up to and why. I just know you're going to love them as much as I do. Well, almost as much. It's rather impossible to love them as much as I do! *Fan Girl*

Read Write Muse is a collaborative blog for the reader, the writer, and the muser in all of us. Does that mean you have to be a writer to enjoy RWM? Nope. Not at all! The Musers are here to inspire, to think, and to dream. Anyone can benefit from a journey into Muser Land. There is truly something for everyone. The Musers are a group of quirky, quick witted, awkward, and creative writers who long to share their hearts with you, even if you're not a writer, because the truth is... we all have a little Muser in us. 

This week is especially exciting for the Musers because our very first Read Write Muse anthology will be released on October 7th. "Through The Portal" invites you to escape into imagination, jump through time to new worlds, journey through the portals of life as you indulge in pizza, chocolate, and romance. Fight evil villains, transport with innocent souls, and glimpse into the final portal that awaits us all. This project is very dear to our hearts as it is dedicated to those we love who have crossed into that final portal before us, and those that are still fighting cancer today. A dollar from each book sold will be donated to a cancer charity for a year. We're very excited about this book and hope you will be too.

Through The Portal, Read Write Muse, Musers, Anthology
Coming October 7, 2014!

Every day at Read Write Muse brings you something fun, fascinating, interesting, inspiring, or just down right creative. You'll encounter brilliant topics like:

J. S. Bailey, The Lonely Artist

J. S. Bailey's  The Lonely Artist

"I am an outlier. An outsider. The odd woman out."
Ever feel like you just don't "fit"? Maybe you feel lost and alone in a world that feels odd? Maybe you feel odd? You're not alone... and I'm willing to bet you might be an artist.

Each month on the 17th, or 31/1st, J. S. Bailey opens up about what it's like to be a lonely artist... an oddity... a stranger in a strange land. If you've ever felt like you were on the outside looking in, you'll find yourself right at home with The Lonely Artist. Pull up a chair. We're all odd here.

Kelsey Keating, The Shieldmaiden, Literary Lies and Tales from the Blade

Kelsey Keating's Shieldmaiden's Corner

Literary Lies and Tales from the Blade

"As the Shieldmaiden, I’ve seen plenty of blood in my day." 
What does bloodshed have to do with anything? Kelsey says in her experience as a beta reader and as a story editor, the biggest problem authors have is slicing deep.

So, each month on the 26th, Kelsey sharpens her blade and tells it like it is. If you like passionate writing that is brutally honest, you're going to love our Shieldmaiden. Her topics are always top-notch and her truth cuts like a knife... in a great way. She'll help you bleed your way into some beautiful writing.
On the 13th she'll delight you with more truth as she uncovers Literary Lies. As someone who works in the industry, you better believe this young lady has oodles and oodles of inside knowledge. Lucky for us she's generous with her blade and her shield. She'll make sure you don't trip over the lies!

Emily Grace, Emily in Neverland
Emily Grace's Emily in Neverland

"I’ve decided that adulthood isn’t for me."

A few feet along the path of adulthood Emily decided that adulthood wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Each month on the 21st you'll find her flying to the second star to the right and straight on till morning. You don't want to miss out on her enchanting adventures as Emily in Neverland.


Natalie J. Pierson, Author Platform
Natalie J. Pierson's Author Platform

"Whether you are a beginning author or are already published, it’s necessary to have a platform."

Did you cringe when you read "Author Platform"? I know I always do. It's all so daunting, so drab, so "business". Have no fear, Natalie is here and her series is simply amazing! 

Each month on the 6th and 20th she posts all kinds of wonderful and fun ways to spice up your platform and build your way into a better relationship with your audience through the magic of social media and more.


Katie Cross, Understanding The Industry
Katie Cross's Understanding the Industry

"Publishing is turning me into an industry nerd."

Ever since Katie Cross published Miss Mabel's School For Girls, she's been running around Muse Land sprinkling magical, glittery, wisdom all over us. This witchy woman has got it going on. If you want to know about the industry, she's your one way ticket to "Ooooh, I get it now".

Each month on the 4th and 24th, Katie shares all kinds of interesting articles about industry trends, publisher-author disputes, and anything else you might need to know to keep your thumb on the world of publishing. And trust me, as boring as understanding the industry might sound on the surface, Katie has a way with words that makes everything fantastic. It's like... magic... or something. *wink wink*


Colette Pederson, Dragon Diaries

Colette Pedersen's Dragon Diaries

"There are days that I feel like I walk a tightrope."

What do you do when an ancient dragon gives you a diary? You write all your secrets in it! 

Each month on the 10th and 25th Colette fills the scorched pages with tales from the tightrope. On one side is her family, friends, and commitments and on the other is her writing. Must she choose between the fantastic adventures and epic battles and the reality of being a home school mom, wife, and musician... or can she have it all? Only the Dragon Diaries knows.

LaDonna Cole, Kintsugi, Top Ten

LaDonna Cole's Kintsugi and Top Ten

"Beauty is found in brokenness."

As a therapist and psychiatric nurse who specializes in grief recovery, and the author of The Holding Kate Series, LaDonna certainly understands how to wow readers with stories that tug at the heartstrings, inspire the spirit, and restore the broken soul.

Each month on the 22nd she writes openly and intimately about the beauty of brokenness, and the journey to healing. LaDonna can help you find the gold flecks in your scars and the strength in your weakness. On the 8th, she shares her "top ten"of the moment-- which could mean cool new writing tools, things she loves or hates about writing, or just about anything that gets her creative juices in a tizzy. Whether you need a good laugh or a good cry, LaDonna has you covered.

Laura Custodio, Adventures in WritingLaura Custodio's Adventures in Writing

"Sailing back and forth across the Atlantic introduced me to a hidden part of myself, one I never knew existed till I felt the sun on my face and tasted the salty sea spray on the winds."

If it's adventure you want, look no further than Laura's series. You want to hear battle stories on the high seas? Fine, she's got them... but listen closely and you'll hear a more perilous journey lurking around the corner on the 3rd and 16th of each month: Writing A Novel. *the horror! the horror!*

Each month Laura explores the dangers, the wonders, and the never ending adventures of living on the edge a story that must be told. You'll love her ability to turn every undertaking into a high seas adventure.

Andrea Asay, Journaling the Journey, M is for Muse

Andrea Asay's Journaling the Journey and M is for Muse

" I love writing. I love imagining new worlds and breathing life into characters. I love manipulating situations and torturing unsuspecting readers."

Each month on the 5th and the 19th you'll get a mesmerizing look into the world of Andrea as she journals her way through the writing journey and allows her muse "M" to come out and play (and let me warn you M is an intense fellow that is full of passion and purpose). M's says his story is a "warning, a confession, a tragedy". You'll have to tune in every month on the 19th to find out why. On the 5th Andrea will give us a raw and breathtaking look at what it's like to live the life of a perfectly imperfect writer.  You don't have to be a writer to appreciate the perils of Nair or the realization that life has a pause button for a reason.


Kimberly Robertson, The Heart of It, Caring for the Creative

Kimberly Robertson's The Heart of It and Caring for the Creative

"Let’s look at our creative self as a mosaic.  Small pieces of experiences, emotions, training, inputs, outputs, hugs, words, people and places; all beautifully broken and joining together to craft new from old, something from nothing."

Kimberly has a passion for nurturing the creative and the spiritual. She delves into the hard questions to ask, where to find the answers, and how to care for the creative soul. Her series gives an inspirational glance at the best ways to deal with the darker side of creativity as well as strategies that will allow your light to shine through.
Each month on the 14th and 30th she'll reach out to you and help guide you through the emotional and spiritual side of writing and teach you how to nurture the talents and gifts within. Again, you don't have to be a writer to benefit from her wisdom. We all need a light in the darkness, and Kimberly shines bright.


Annie Adams, The Song of the Muse

Annie Adam's The Song of the Muse

"No yoga for two weeks. No scuba for a month. No Dragon slaying for 6 months. No rugby with Giants for a year. Archery is out for a week or so. Troll stomping is off limits for two weeks. And no quantum jumps for at least four days (mostly because of the pressure changes). I don't know what I'll do."

Singer/Songwriter Annie joins the Musers bringing a unique and refreshing voice to Read Write Muse. No one can sing the song of the muse quite like Annie can. Full of wit and wisdom, her lyrical prose will leave you breathless as she works her magic on readers.
You know, I think she might secretly be a Siren.

Each month on the 28th she will showcase her voice by offering her witty and profound words to encourage others to thankfulness.


Rob Holliday, Ink Chains, Paper Bindings

Rob Holliday's Ink Chains, Paper Bindings

"I love writing. I like my own stories. But I have to face the truth of a writer’s life: it’s hard. It’s not an easy path. My inner critic is obnoxious, persistent, severe, and clever."

Bringing some much needed testosterone to Muser Land, Rob covers battling the inner critic and shares an often humorous look at problems that plague writers. #writerproblems - we've all got 'em. Rob is a fantastic writer (seriously, I'm a huge fan) and he handles the estrogen filled land of the Musers with style, grace, and laughter. We just love him. I know you will too.

Each month on the 15th and 27th he'll discuss ways to overcome that obnoxious voice inside that tries to discourage your journey (whatever it might be) and he'll share his newest writer problem and his thoughts on how to solve it. You're really going to enjoy his perspective on writing and life.

Holly Brown, Mommy vs Pen

Holly Brown's Mommy vs Pen 

"Motherhood transforms you, makes you more than you knew you could be, makes you more in tune with the human condition."

Holly brings a fresh and honest look at what many of us struggle with-- how do you balance being a writer with being a wife and mother-- and all that that implies?

Each month on the 7th and the 23rd, she'll share with you how she juggles feeding, playing with, educating, and cleaning her children while her hitwoman-like muse slips in and out at various, odd, and most inconvenient times to ask her "Why don’t you just write?"  Holly reminds us that writing is a marathon not a sprint and we must continue to run towards the finish line because, "The world is waiting."

Kirstin Pulioff, Monthly Musings

Kirstin Pulioff's Monthly Musings

"When I'm not writing an adventure, I'm busy living one."

Kirstin is a true story-teller at heart and she's got a long list of published books to prove it! Her insights into the writing world and the foundation and building blocks of story have been incredibly valuable to all of us at RWM and she's graciously sharing them with the world through her series Monthly Musings.

Each month on the 2nd and the 29th Kirstin will focus on setting up a goal and sharing examples of that goal in action. She'll follow up with the building blocks of story. Her posts will help writers find better ways to organize and reach their own personal writing goals, but even non-writers will find her posts helpful and encouraging in reaching the finish line of any project or dream.

S. R. Karfelt, Muser, Warrior Queen

S. R. Karfelt is also a Muser.

"I'm a writer with a penchant for Speculative Fiction, likely caused by exposure to dangerous levels of the high-tech industry."

She will post on the 18th of each month, as soon as she is released from battle. Our resident Warrior Queen was last seen cruising into the sunset in her Time Warp Jeep and headed for parts unknown. Witnesses say she was seen tossing copies of her books Warrior of the Ages and Blank to lucky hitchhikers along the way. All we really know is now and then she'll pop in, battle weary, and covered in glitter.


And then there's me... 

The Realm, D.M. Kilgore, Read Write Muse, The Muse's Mirror
Photo Credit: Pinterest

and The Muse's Mirror


D.M. Kilgore, The Muses's Mirror, The Realm,
D.M. Kilgore
"That’s my curse. I’m a writer. My demon is the untold story. And Sybil is the exorcist from hell."

Each month on the 11th and 12th I'll go at it with my personal muse and tormentor, Sybil. She appears to me when I look into the depths of her mirror. Her job is to point out every flaw and weakness, ever fear, every doubt as I gaze at my reflection... and then she makes me face what she uncovers in the depths of my soul. It's an often painful process, exorcising the demons of resistance and self-doubt, but I must give her credit, she's making me a better writer and a stronger woman. Join me each month and gaze into the Muse's Mirror. What do you see?

Thank you for visiting The Realm today and taking some time to get to know the Musers of Read Write Muse. I hope you'll visit us and subscribe so you never miss a moment of the magic.

Won't you join us on this amazing journey?


Read Write Muse, Unlock The Adventure
Photo Credit: Read Write Muse, LLC

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More Books By The Musers:


LaDonna D. Cole, S. R. Karfelt, and D.M. Kilgore



J. S. Bailey




LaDonna D. Cole



Katie Cross 



Kirstin Pulioff

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Natalie Pierson said...

I love this so much! Although I sound like the most boring of the bunch! Haha, in my personal life I'm much more of a whackadoodle than this seems :) Thanks for sharing about everyone in Read Write Muse! Love you like crazy!

Kelsey-plain and simple said...

Give me a minute while I freak out.

Katie Cross said...

OMG. This is incredible, Donna! I love all the summaries and explanations. You're awesome!

DM Kilgore said...

I need to edit that then because your posts are far from BORING. I love them! =D

DM Kilgore said...

In a good way I hope! ;)

DM Kilgore said...

Thank you. You guys make it easy. You're so much fun! =D

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