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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween From The Realm!

Happy Halloween, The Realm of D.M. Kilgore, Funtastic Friday, Movie Night, Recipes, Fun

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Tonight's Funtastic Friday Festivities:

  1.  A hearty bowl of homemade veggie-beef soup
  2.  Trick Or Treating
  3.  Snuggling up with a family friendly Halloween movie
  4.  Fresh baked cookies and milk
  5.  Tucking in the little goblin with a not-too spooky story
  6.  Scary movie and a little trick or treat time for the adults


Homemade Veggie-Beef Soup

1 box (16 oz) elbow macaroni
1 large can (24 oz) of tomato juice
1 can (8 oz) V-8 juice
2 cups mixed veggies (green beans, peas, corn, carrots, etc)
2 cups diced potatoes
1/4th cup diced onion
1 lb trim beef stew meat

In a large pot:

Put stew meat in pot, cover with 2 cups water, cook on low-med heat until well done

Add all veggies (mixed, onions, potatoes) to the stew meat mix (do not drain the water you cooked the meat in!) continue cooking on low-medium while you boil your macaroni

Cook Elbow Macaroni, drain, add to pot

Pour in Tomato & V-8 Juice, stir well, continue cooking on low-med heat

Salt and pepper to taste

Simmer until nice and hot, stir, serve

I like to serve this soup with grilled cheese roll-ups (piece of bread with crust cut off, one slice cheese, roll it up, brush with butter, grill as you would a grilled-cheese sandwich).

Double-Double No Toil Or Trouble Cookies: 

Grab a batch of your favorite ready-made frozen cookies (We like the Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip) and bake them. Couldn't be easier! 


After a night of trick-or-treating we like to settle in with some favorite Halloween movies! It's our tradition to turn off all the lights, light the jack-o-lantern, and curl up with some old faves and one new movie while we nibble on goodies (popcorn and cookies).

Tonight, for our family friendly flicks, we'll be watching:

The Nightmare Before Christmas
It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
ParaNorman (we haven't seen this one before)

Our story time will be an old favorite: BUNNICULA (we love this series so much that we read it every year!)

And then... after the little goblin is all tuckered out and tucked in...

Mom & Dad get to have some spooky fun of their own!

Our "grown-up" movie choices (we each pick one):

 Our "every year" tradition: Trick Or Treat

Hubby's pick:  The Shining (classic that never really gets old, right?)

My pick:  You're Next (haven't seen this one yet, but it looks promising!)

Before calling it a night hubby & I play a little game of "Trick or Treat".

Happy Halloween, The Realm of D.M. Kilgore, Funtastic Friday, Movie Night, Recipes, Fun
I put a few of our favorite candies and some "coupons" in one of those cheesy plastic trick-or-treat pumpkins and we draw until it's empty. 

We have until NEXT Halloween to make good on the tricks or treats inside. 

I toss in coupons for treats like a "back rub" and tricks like "your turn to cook". 

Get creative and have some fun creating your own!

As you can probably tell, we really dig Halloween. 

Happy Halloween, The Realm of D.M. Kilgore, Funtastic Friday, Movie Night, Recipes, Fun
D.M. Kilgore
Gets Spooky!

Do you have special fun on this spooky night? 

What are your favorite Halloween traditions?


Happy Halloween, The Realm of D.M. Kilgore, Funtastic Friday, Movie Night, Recipes, Fun
D.M. Kilgore
Brewing up another Funtastic Friday!

I'm D.M. Kilgore and I'm brewing up a 


Happy Halloween!

Wishing you all a safe & funtastic good time!

Get your spook on!







Trick Or Treat?



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