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Monday, July 7, 2014

Musing Mondays ~ How To Be Awesome!

It's the first Musing Monday in July!

D.M. Kilgore finds life a-MUSE-ing

I'm back after taking a Freak Flag Friday off to celebrate the 4th with my family!

Did you miss me? 

You did? 

Aww! You're awesome!

Speaking of AWESOME...

So many neat things are happening that I simply cannot wait to share them with you!  

First of all, the group I used to blog with, Obey The Muse, is no more. 
The page is gone. It went POOF in the night. 

I suspect Nargles are to blame! 

But wait! Don't panic!  It's all good!

 In fact...

Your favorite Musers, including yours truly (takes a bow), decided to take this opportunity for a fresh start. We are now a brand new LLC and we're off on an amazing new adventure!
Click *here* to read the official Read WriteMuse Press Release.

You'll find us at, where you can "Unlock the Adventure Within", and boy do we have a LOT going on there! We launched, officially, on July 1st, and as Musers tend to do, we took off flying! 

*Come on, sing it with me!*

♫ Everything is Awesome!  Everything is cool when you're part of a team! ♫

♪ Everything is Awesome, when we're living our dream! ♪

Our wonderful anthology to benefit the charity Cancer Care is with the editor and will be available soon. To learn more about that, be sure to subscribe to RWM by visiting the site.

With this new group and new site, we have some new faces, some new projects, and some great new ideas.  One of those ideas is a truly unique book club!

Novel Musings- The Book Club With Sass is an exclusive RWM venture that allows readers to interact and discuss books with the authors who wrote them. It is a lot of fun and if you'd like to join, you can find Novel Musings on Facebook by clicking *here*. Our members are already diving into our first book, but it's not too late to join us!

But beware, if you join our book club, there's a slight risk...

Of Being Awesome!

You'll also find Read Write Muse on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest and there are so many great things happening that you'll want to visit all of those to keep up!


D.M. Kilgore is feeling Awesome!

As for me, my Muser life
is undergoing a metamorphosis
as I embark on this new journey with
Read Write Muse.

I'm going to archive my Stories from the Straightjacket series for now, but they might pop up here at The Realm one day. *Wink-Wink*

My contribution at Read Write Muse will still be on the 12th of each month, but I'm drifting away from the asylum of my crazy life and letting my Muse (you'll get to meet her at RWM) take me to a new, dark, mysterious, and often terrifying place.

To find out where, you'll have to tune in to Read Write Muse on July 12th.



Bring your own flashlight... 

And a change of underwear.


Be sure to head back here to The Realm this month as well, because outside of the Muser's Paradise that is Read Write Muse, The Realm is still my Home-Sweet-Digital-Home.

I've got some awesome guests coming up, another super giveaway, and more freaks than you can wave a flag at. You don't want to miss that, do you?

Thanks for dropping by on this Musing Monday! 

I hope your holiday was wonderful and you're having an amazing summer so far!


Coming up later this week:

Tipsy Tuesday, July 8th

Freak Flag Friday, July 11th

And don't forget about my debut post at Read Write Muse! - July 12th

I know you're dying to know what my Muse has gotten me into now.

Bonus Feature:

You're still here?


You really are awesome!

Thank you!

Do you like surprises?
I hope so, because I want to send you one!

Head over to Read Write Muse on the 12th
and leave me a comment on my debut post there.

I'll come back here and announce a random winner
of an AWESOME surprise
on July 14th's Monday Musing.  

It's that easy.  

Tune in. Comment. Win.


Anonymous said...

I vote we carry the "awesome-ness" thru the end of the year. Your fire cracker beginning on the 4th ends with a fire cracker start to 2015 on Dec 31st! =)

DM Kilgore said...

I think that sounds like an AWESOME idea! ;)

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