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Monday, July 14, 2014

Musing Mondays ~ And The Winner Is...




A beautiful prize from The Realm of D.M. Kilgore
(from the Wordless Wednesday "Caption This" contest)

Kelsey has been racking up on prizes here at 
The Realm!

She was the winner of last month's
Wordless Wednesday 

"Caption This" Contest 

And won the beautiful Estone Vintage journal!

And, last week Kelsey read the 
"How To Be Awesome" edition of 

Musing Mondays

followed the bonus feature instructions 
to comment on my debut post
"The Muse's Mirror" at


and won herself another cool surprise!

Congratulations Kelsey!

Thanks for your continued support and participation here at The Realm!

I hope you enjoy your new mirror-writing themed prize!


A fun surprise from The Realm of D.M. Kilgore
(from the Musing Mondays "Comment & Win" Contest!)

That's all the musing I'll be doing today folks.

Hubby is working a new job, and he's on swing shifts for a while,
so I'm too tired and out of sorts to do much musing today. 

Later this week we'll have another  
Wordless Wednesday and Freak Flag Friday.

Stay Tuned!

You never know when I might decide to hand out more fun surprises!

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