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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tipsy Tuesdays ~ Fire Safety For Writers?

Tipsy Tuesday
June 10, 2014


Writing Is Like A Fire Inside


 Today's Tipsy Tuesday brings you tips on fire safety.  

What? Fire Safety For Writers?  

Yes. When dealing with fire, it's always best to play it safe.  

Tip # 1:  It begins with a small spark.

That's your idea-- your "What if?".  The idea expands into something more than "what if?".  The answer to "what if?" is always "because...".  Once you catch the "because..." the only cure is "Why?".  The "why?" has side effects.  The most common side effect is intense burning and itching.  Okay, maybe not itching, but definitely intense burning.


Because... Now the spark is a flame. 
(See what I did there? *grins*)

Tip # 2:  This is where it gets painful.

Don't ignore it. It will become excruciating if you try.  The flame drives you to sit at your computer... forgetting to eat, dodging phone calls, and wondering if you secretly enjoy being slowly tortured to death.  You suddenly realize you have to write.  Writing is the only thing that controls the burn.  Whatever you do, don't leave a burning flame unattended.


Because... Now the flame is a fire.
A big one.

And you suddenly realize...

You're so excited and you can't contain it another minute.
So you let it out.
If you don't, you might spontaneously combust.
You have made fire!

You are so proud of yourself that you just have tell people about the fire.  
You might even invite them over to see it.  
If you're the really generous sort, you start handing out torches.

"Here, have some.  Isn't it pretty?"

"Oh, you want some too? Here you go."

 "Wait, here's one for you!"

 "It's okay.  I have enough for everyone!"

Pretty soon, everyone has some of your fire. 

What's wrong with that? 



Because... Now your fire has gone out.

You were so busy running around lighting torches and passing them out to anyone that would take one that you weren't there to stoke your own fire.  It died down to a flame and you weren't there to kindle it.  The flame fizzled out until not even a spark remained and you didn't even notice. 

Now all you've got is a pile of ashes.

Oh, and you reek of smoke.

Tip # 3:


"Be careful how quickly you give away your fire." -Robert Bly 


If you spend all your time talking about your story, you'll never find time to write your story.'s great that you're excited about your story.  

It wouldn't be worth writing if it didn't set your soul on fire.  It's okay to talk about it, briefly.  Tell people you're writing a story.  Tell them it's Science Fiction, or Chick Lit, or whatever it is. Tell them it's going to be amazing, because it will be.  Just don't tell them your entire plot, setting, and what your character's motivation is.  No one wants to buy the matches if they can get the fire free.

That little flame is always looking for a chance to blaze.  Let it.
Just let it blaze inside of you.   
At least until you write "The End". 

 Fire Safety Tip Of The Day:

Put on your fireproof panties, take hold of that flame, and lock it away in a safe place.

There will be plenty of time for you to set the world on fire once your book is finished.

♪♫ Come on baby light my fire ♫♪

Comment with your best writing tip below!
I'll send you something
if you can light my fire.  

Bookworm Smiley from
Tipsy Tuesday Recommended Book:

Walking on Alligators: A Book of Meditations for Writers 
by Susan Shaughnessy

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Colette Pedersen said...

I agree! That is why I am so selective of who I tell about my story and how much.

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