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Monday, June 23, 2014

Musing Mondays ~ I Was Going To But SUPERNATURAL!

It's Musing Monday at The Realm, but all I can think about is

We recently decided to disconnect our Direct TV service and opt for Hulu Plus and Netflix.  Best decision ever.  Not only are we saving $150 a month, but we can now watch whatever we want, whenever we want. 

With The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and The Following on summer break, my husband and I made a "wish list" of shows that we had always wished we had time to watch.  Among them:  Lost, Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, Dexter, Arrow, and a few dozen others.  We decided to start with Supernatural.  I mean, I've heard great things.  Besides, if we didn't like it, there were plenty of other shows to choose from.  So, we started with the idea of watching just one episode. 
Try it on for size.

I was hooked.  Right away. 

Hubby took a bit longer.  He was so distracted by his thoughts on the car.  "Why would anyone drive a big gas-guzzling beast of a car cross country?"

Poor logical man, I think he missed the charm of the show for the first three episodes. 

After that, he was every bit as hooked as I am.

Now, it's "We'll just watch ONE MORE episode."  Which of course turns into a marathon of 3-5 episodes.  We've had to pace ourselves or we'd never leave the house.  We'd get absolutely nothing done at all, other than watching Sam and Dean hunt baddies.

Seriously.  We're like two addicts trying to be each others sponsor.  It's kind of crazy.  

"Did you do the laundry?" 
"I was going to but SUPERNATURAL!" 

"Did you get groceries?"

"I was going to but SUPERNATURAL!"

"Did you mow the lawn?"

"I was going to but SUPERNATURAL!"

"Get your blog post written?"

I think you get the picture...

We're on Season 1, Episode 10 now.  We try to watch at least 2, but no more than 4 episodes a night.  Like I said, pacing ourselves.  After all, kids have to eat and dogs have to pee, and my school work won't do itself.  We are enjoying it, despite hubby pointing out little errors about the car, and my pointing out what I think is going to happen next based on my own mad plot writing skills.  It's fun to have something in common again.  Even if it is just another TV show.  

We've officially been invited to sit at the cool kids table.  
I mean, when you like Supernatural, everyone likes you!  Right?

My friends are leaving fun little memes like this on my Facebook wall daily and hinting around about the awesomeness of pie, which I have yet to experience apparently.  I cannot wait to find out about "pie".   Especially, now that I know it makes great Dean bait.

Yes.  Yes.  I'm team Dean.  He had me at the Peanut M&Ms and:

Basically, he's the male version of ME.  How can I not love him? ;)

Anyway, whatever I had planned to muse about on this fine Monday...
Went up in flames the minute I said:

So tell me...


If not, you should watch it.

Come on, just one episode.



Jenny B said...

Supernatural episodes are like potato chips. You can't just have ONE. You have to eat the whole bag and feel horrible about yourself later. Then you repeat the cycle and feel worse, all the more the potato chips get better and better! Before you know it, you'll dream about the potato chips and think of great stories about the potato chips, and how one chip is awfully broody and another is ornery.

Yes, I Supernatural. I Supernatural long time.

DM Kilgore said...

HA! I can't wait to Supernatural long time. ^_^

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