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Monday, June 2, 2014

Musing Mondays- Age Is Just A Number, Baby!

Musing Monday
June 2, 2014

It's June already?  How did that happen?  Is it just me, or does time speed up the older you get?

Speaking of getting older, I have a birthday this week.  I'll be forty-two on Thursday.  Wowza.  I'm not sure if I should be shocked I'm this "old" already, or proud that I managed to survive this long!

Age is just a number, baby.

Yeah, yeah Jacob Black (does he own a shirt?),  I know I'm only as old as I feel.  The problem is, I feel kind of old lately.  I ache in new and mysterious places.  Parts of me have migrated to regions I never thought they'd occupy.  Where there was once a spring in my step there is now a pronounced limp.  I hear they are calling gray hair "wisdom highlights" now.  Judging by my roots, I'm pretty darn wise.

I always treat myself on my birthday.  I'm not talking a trip to Paris or anything extravagant, just a little reward for managing to stay alive and out of jail (haha) for another year.  I usually just buy myself a new book, or a DVD. Sometimes, I splurge a little and get a cute new hair cut.

Guess what I bought myself this year?  Go on guess!

*drum roll please*

Two Plantar Fasciitis night supports.

They aren't pretty, but they seem to really help.

I strap myself into these at night and in the morning I can walk with relatively no pain at all.  So, ugly though they may be, I'll be sleeping in them every night for as long as I need to.  They're really not uncomfortable, though I feared they would be.  I got used to them within an hour of putting them on the first night. 

One jar of Australian Dream Arthritis Cream.

I've tried all that OTC pain relief gel/rub/cream.  I've even tried the prescription stuff.  I was skeptical that this little jar of cream would work at all. Boy was I wrong.  It's amazing.  I plan to roll around in it morning, noon, and night.  It doesn't stink.  It doesn't burn.  It's just a miracle in a jar!  I cannot believe how well (and how fast) this stuff works on even the most stubborn pains.  This stuff works!

And a pair of orthopedic sandals. 
No more flip flops the doctor said. Ha! I guess I showed her.

Of course, all this made me feel a wee bit depressed about this whole aging-process.  I mean, it's not exactly cute heels and new perfume, ya know?  True, my feet feel much better, but my young-at-heart soul?  Not so much.

What's a girl to do?  

Well, this "girl" is going to go have her hair colored in a funky-licious way that practically screams, "I do what I like!"

I found this on Pinterest and really loved it.  

D.M. Kilgore's Pinterest

True, it's something you'd expect to see on a 20-something and not a 40-something, but that's my point.  Age is just a number, baby.  My body might be telling me I'm over 40, but my spirit is yelling, "Shut up, stupid!" every chance it gets.  As long as I'm young-at-heart, I'm going to enjoy it... whatever my "age".  I'll treat the aches and pains, I'll give in to eating better and working out more, I'll even admit that it might be time to buy shoes based on comfort and not style... but I'll never stop living life to its fullest and enjoying every moment for all its worth.  Growing older is a privilege denied to some.  Life is a gift.  Even when it comes wrapped in a package labeled Ace Foot Supports.

Yep, this 'do will look amazing with my new orthopedic sandals, don't you think?


So, tell me:

Last time you treated yourself, what did you buy?

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