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Friday, April 11, 2014

Viva La Crazy Life! Friday Night News Flash!

Very short update here, just so you know I'm still alive and all that jazz.  I'm very busy working behind the scenes on some side projects, a final capstone paper for my Nature Writers class, writing and editing my novels, working on some poetry, short stories, and articles for submission to various publications, and I'm still "Authoring for Awareness" here this month.

Yes, I'm living the crazy life!

It goes without saying that when you are a wife, mom, teacher, student, dog rescuer, and writer your life is going to become overwhelmingly busy and complicated now and then.

It's been one of those weeks here.  Escaping to My Realm is harder than ever... because we are in the midst of redoing a room, which will become a playroom.  In the end we'll be freeing up the extra room for my writing office.  Yeah... that whole brilliant idea of combining our school room and my writing room was not so brilliant after all.   Live and learn, right?

There have been some shining moments for me during this busy week of chaos...

I sold a short story!

More news on that later when the details are finalized.

I was accepted into Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society.

And the highlight of my week...

My dearest husband put in my replacement tub so that I can soak for hours on end while reading books.  This was huge.  Without my nightly "escape" to bubble-bath-utopia my evil twin was mere seconds away from conquering the world.  It was a close call.  You all owe my hubby your lives.  Bwahaha!

My monthly issue of "Stories From The Straight Jacket" will not be posting tomorrow be posting because of a little hiccup at Obey The Muse-- It will go live on May 12th instead.  I'll post a reminder here before then.

And, my Authoring Awareness post is a two-parter next week:

The first part, "What's In A Name?" will post at 8 a.m., Monday, April 14.  
The second part, "What's In A Cure?" will post at 8 a.m. Wednesday, April 16.  

That's all I have time for today. 

I just wanted to send out a smoke signal so that you know I'm still here and still working hard!  Don't forget to check back Monday for the next post in the Authoring Awareness series.  If you missed the previous posts, you have time to catch up!




 Let's "light it up" more than blue! 

I want to light up every color of the rainbow that is Autism Spectrum Disorders! 

Let's do more than be "aware" of Autism this April.  

Throughout the month of April, I'll be Authoring Awareness in order to promote acceptance, understanding, and love. 


Won't you join me and share this with others?


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