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Friday, March 8, 2013

Fun Friday ~ Happy Women's Day, Coffee?

Today is National Women's Day.

The word of the day is:  COFFEE


I usually have a cup in the morning.  Just one.  Heavy on the creamer.  Today, a second cup was tempting me before I even polished off the first.  Now, even though I love coffee, I always try to stick to that one morning cup.  Too much caffeine and my heart turns into Fred Astaire.

Today... that second cup thought just would not go away.

I thought I'd distract myself by logging into Facebook.  The first picture I see is this:

 True.  I shared it on my page right away.  After almost two decades of marriage... this is a concept my hubby still hasn't figured out.  He will yap-yap-yap the moment his eyes pop open, then when I growl at him, "Wow, you sure are grouchy in the morning!"  Ya think?  POUR ME A CUP AND STAND BACK.  It's not rocket science.

I practically drooled over the picture above.  A second cup was looking better by the second.  I headed over to one of my all time favorite author's pages to see what he was up to this fine Friday morning.  Hmmm.  I found this:

"I can't imagine doing anything other than writing and drinking coffee for a living.
What about you? What gets you jazzed and keeps you going every day?"
-Steven James

You don't have to think too hard to figure out my reply, right?  At this point, a second cup seemed totally logical.  I mean, it does get me jazzed.  I polished off my morning cup of joe and left the cup on the counter, instead of putting it in the dishwasher, as I normally would.  Back to Facebook.

Did you know Elmer was one of my nicknames in high school?  True story.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I stopped scrolling status updates and contemplated the overwhelming evidence.  Was God sending me a sign that a second cup would be a-okay today?

When in doubt ask.

I closed my eyes and said, "Lord, I try not to overindulge, but if a second cup is fine with you today, it's fine with me today!  What say You?"

The very next status update I saw (from one of my church friends, no less) confirmed my suspicions.

"Hello world! It's definitely a two cup kinda morning!"

I read that as, "Yes my child,  enjoy the coffee."  That second cup, was glorious.  I chose a Belgian Chocolate & Toffee creamer.  Heavenly.  My heart wasn't tap-dancing... yet.  Hmmm.

At this point I began contemplating making a whole pot of coffee.  After all, my work is done for the week.  Hubby's at work.  Thing 1 is at work.  Thing 2 didn't want to go see a movie, and is happily building "Ultimate Scroll Writer Warriors" with his Bionicle kits.  Looks like I have this beautiful Friday all to myself.  It's a great day to write.  

 Writing and coffee totally go hand and hand, don't ya know?

So, in celebration of Women's Day, this woman is going to spend the day sipping coffee and writing.

Do you love coffee? 

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PS  I kind of feel like dancing now.  Did you know there are songs about my good friend coffee?  I think I need to add these to my jogging playlist.  Right now.  Yes.  It's a pretty day for a jog!

This Fun Friday post brought to you by
a very-caffeinated blue monkey!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Musing Monday ~ What Would YOU Ask The FBI?

March 4, 2013
Monday, 11:35 pm

Weight:  Oh... yeah... I have a scale.

Coffee Consumption: 1 cup of Cafe Mocha  

Chocolate Report: A handful of peanut M&Ms.

This is so short, I know, but my mind is going a million directions tonight. I just can't seem to focus on a single musing moment!  Besides, in twenty-five minutes it will be Tuesday.

Lets see, what's new?  

Well, I finished up my ENG 226 with an A. I started BIO 101 today. So far so good.  I get to hang on to my 4.0 a bit longer.  Math looms on the horizon though, so I'm going to milk my straight A's for all they are worth until then!

Lots of stuff going on at the homefront that have kept me completely distracted from my writing for the past few days. Things seem to be settling and I'm hoping this calm spell will last the rest of the week.

My plans for the rest of this week are to finish up homeschool by 2pm, finish up my school work by  4pm, do research for Eternal Providence until 5pm, and then after dinner each night I'll spend as much time as possible working towards the finish line on Final Judgment.   Of course, this means my plans to clean, organize, and build that treadmill desk have taken a spot on the back burner... once again.  But...


On that note...

I have an opportunity to attend an interactive online information session with a Special Agent and Recruiter for the Federal Bureau of Investigation this week.

What should I ask?

I plan to take lots of notes. 
Surely, this will be a great research opportunity!  
So help me out here, leave a comment below with suggestions 
or tell me what you'd ask a FBI Special Agent! 

~ * ~

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