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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Short Story Saturdays ~ Writers Wanted!

8 Second Ride
by D.M. Kilgore

            “Daniel?!” Leah whispered through the tattered screen door of her double-wide. Not believing her eyes she pushed at the screen, stumbled down the cracked sidewalk, and slid into the waiting pick-up.
            “Hey babe,” he drawled, his eyes searching hers intimately.
            “Danny?” she reached out to touch his face, expecting him to disappear into the darkness, but he remained seated next to her. She drew her hand away from his warm cheek in amazement. Danny gave her his trademark lop-sided grin and turned his attention to the stereo. He casually punched the search button, settling on Tim McGraw, before gunning the engine. 
            Leah smiled tentatively as they sped down Union Road and onto Highway 111. She still couldn’t believe he was here.  She slid across the bench-seat and settled her head on Danny’s broad shoulder. She’d always fit perfectly, the most perfect fit in the world as far as she was concerned, right there at his side. She closed her eyes and sent up a silent prayer of thanks, relaxing as she listened to Danny sing along with Tim.  Just like old times.
            Inhaling deeply, absorbing the familiar woodsy scent of his skin, she let go of all remaining traces of doubt. He was here, real… alive. She opened her eyes just in time to see the semi’s grill smash through the windshield.
            Leah stood in the street amidst puddles of oil, gasoline, and blood, completely unharmed, and still wearing Danny's t-shirt. She held her breath waiting, watching, until the truck exploded– shooting metal and flames into the midnight sky, just as she knew it would. She watched as her boyfriend appeared out of the wreckage, just as she knew he would.
            “I love you Leah.” He smiled at her one last time.
            And just like that, he was gone… again.

© 2013 D.M. Kilgore

All content is copyright protected and may not be copied, reprinted, reposted,
or used in any way without the express permission of D.M. Kilgore.
All Rights Reserved.


Notes About This Short Story:

 This story always starts a song playing in my mind, and strangely enough it's not Tim McGraw.  For some reason, I hear Gloriana's "Kissed You".  I'm often inspired by music.  Typically, I'll hear a song and a story idea will pop into my head based on the lyrics or music.  This is the first time I've written something that later made me think of a song that seems to be important to the character's story.  

Here's the video: 

Comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts on
if you think the song has a reason beyond the story.

*Original Story Prompt by LaDonna Cole
Read her article at Blue Monkey Writing to see how you too can write emotion packed short stories and more!

Emotive Writing: One More Time with Feeling!

I am currently accepting submissions for short stories for this weekly Saturday post.  If you have a short story you'd like to see featured here, email it to  Please include one to two pictures that go with your story, your full name (or pen name) as you'd like it to appear with your posted story, a personal picture (headshot) and a short biography. Also, feel free to include links to your social networking, websites, or blogs.   Include an email address where you can be notified if your story is chosen.  Happy Writing!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fun Friday ~ Writer Cam & This Week's Winners

It's Time For Fun Friday!

It's rainy here today.  

Rainy, gloomy, and blah!  

Friday is our half-day of school.  We normally do something fun in honor of "Friday Fun Day" but Thing 2 has a cold and a terrible sounding cough.  So instead of a half-day and "Friday Fun" we're taking a sick day.  We were at the doctor and in recovery mode yesterday- so there is no Thoughtful Thursday post this week, sorry.

Sick Day instead of Fun Day...  Not a lot of fun, but we're trying to entertain ourselves nonetheless.

It's a good day to stay in our jammies, sip hot tea (peppermint with honey for him) and coffee (salted mocha caramel for me), and just relax, recoup, and recover.

Thing 2 is curled up in bed under his favorite blanket watching documentaries about the space shuttle and fighter-planes.  He has his cup of juice, his favorite stuffed-monkey-pal, George,  and remote control by his side.  He's content.  That leaves me with a day to either veg-out in front of Lifetime Movie Network or write.  

I decided to write.  

Writer cam at 8 am is not pretty, folks.

My editing team is up and ready to critique my every mood (and my choice of flavored coffees), as you can see.

Okay, truth is... Sadie is interested in my coffee choice and opinionated on my current chapter in progress.  Sookie and Blackie, not so much.

Blackie is taking advantage of Sadie's coffee obsession by chewing up her favorite toy.  She has yet to notice.  She is such a coffee hound!  They do say that dogs are like their owners!  Blackie has chewed a huge hole in the "brain" (it looks like a purple brain) and removed the squeaker.  Sadie is not going to be happy when she realizes this.  I'll be perusing Amazon later in search of a new "brain".  Searching for a "purple dog brain" on Amazon should prove interesting, don't you think?

Sookie...  Is a whole other story.  She's entertaining herself with what's left of a toy rabbit.

I'm not sure if she's gotten fat or if she only looks fat because her head is so small and her legs are so skinny.  Wait... isn't their a saying about dogs looking like their owners?  I think I need to order Sookie that new Cesar Milan doggie treadmill!

Ah, you don't really want to hear about my sick kiddo, my silly dogs, or my 8 am writing attempts, do you?  It's not fun for you?  Fun is free stuff, right?  You just want to know who won last week's giveaways!  That's okay, because as I type the sun is peeking out from behind a cloud, story ideas are buzzing, and my muse is yelling, "Get back to work!" while she beats me over the head with a wet noodle.

So without further ado...

Musing Monday:

No entries/No winners

Teaser Tuesday: 

Kesley Keating- Red CD

 Amber McCallister- Iscariot

 Misty Tidwell- Eternal Providence Exclusive Preview

Wordless Wednesday:

J.S. Bailey - Random Prize


Thoughtful Thursday:

LaDonna Cole- Random Prize

Linnette Mullin-  Random Prize

Fun Friday:

No entries/No winners


Short Story Saturday:

No entries/No winners

And there you have it.  So if you see your name above be sure to hit me up over on Facebook and pm me your mailing address so I can get your goodies in the mail Monday! 

Have a great Friday!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Short Story Saturday and a chance to win a fun prize!

~ * ~

This daily dose of DM brought to you by a taking-it-easy blue monkey!

Down 2 more lbs. 
Down to 1 cup of coffee. 
Down to 1 Tbsp Gourmet Creamer. 
Down to "no" chocolate (so far) today.
And up to the challenge again tomorrow!
Whoo Hoo!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Time For Teaser Tuesday: Release The Panic!

Time For Teaser Tuesday & I Am So Excited!

Let's Party!

Today's Teasers cover my favorite band's new album release, one of my favorite author's new book release, and how you can win a copy of each! And a bonus hint about my new novel Eternal Providence and a chance to win an exclusive sneak peek into the world I'm creating!

Part One:  I'm very passionate about RED and my stories about all the great times I've had, and the many amazing people I've met.  I've been a fan since 2006... so bear with me.  I have a lot to say about it!

Read on to find out how you can win a copy of Red's brand new album!

Part Two:  Sneak Peek of Eternal Providence & the Red song that inspired my story idea.  Read on to find out how you can win an exclusive sneak peek of my brand new story.

Part Three:  I love Tosca Lee and have been so excited about her new book Iscariot- which I received an advanced copy of today and will dive into tonight!  Read on to find out how you can win a copy of Tosca Lee's new book!

You're going to be here a while, so sit back, relax, and enjoy! 



\m/ >.< \m/

If you know me at all, even a wee little bit, you know this:


Yep, I'm a REDhead.  As in the amazing band RED.  You know how I love music, tons of music, all genres of it, but RED is my favorite.  Some of my greatest memories are tied to RED moments.  Some of my best friends I've made via the RED NATION.  And... yes, above all that... Red came into my life at a time when I was LOST in the SHADOWS and my life was in PIECES.  I needed to LET GO of the things holding me back and stop WASTING TIME.  From the first moment I heard them live I loved their energy, their passion, and their sound.  And then I heard "Pieces" and I knew it was ALREADY OVER.  The FIGHT INSIDE was over.  The words sank as I let the music BREATHE INTO ME.  I would NEVER BE THE SAME.  It was time to START AGAIN.  I have a CONFESSION... Red's music pulled me OUT FROM UNDER the ORDINARY WORLD and suddenly I knew I was NOT ALONE.  Album after album I knew... I could not HIDE, I would not remain FACELESS, and I would no longer FEED THE MACHINE.  But, as always with Red, the BEST IS YET TO COME!

Now I could sit here and continue to be uber-creative with the song titles on every Red album, but let's get to the point here.  It is time to...


Red's fourth album releases in about 20 minutes.  Naturally, I've already pre-ordered a copy.  But, part of being a RED fan is sharing the love.  Stay tuned.  I plan to do some sharing!  This album is totally Red but there is some hint of a new sound.  I'm digging it.  It reminds me of the music from my younger days.  There is just that awesome blend of Rock Out Red and Really Retro Rock.  You just have to hear it to see what I mean.  So, let me share some of my RED moments with you.  Consider this your "teaser" to the new album... which of course I'm going to give away!

This follow up album has a cool new video that I want to share with you but first you have to see the prequel to it, "Feed The Machine".  The videos are like mini-movies so it's important (and more fun) to watch them in order! 

I had the immense pleasure (I'm talking the most fun I've ever had) of being a part of the video.  My oldest son, myself, and several of our REDhead friends got to be in this video and to say it was awesome epic amazing is all just too bland to describe the intensity and total AWESOMENESS that went into this thing.  So sit back, and watch.  ;)

First up:  Behind the Scenes.  No laughing at my incredible southern twang! 

Now... enjoy the finished product:


Did you see me?  Ah you have to be quick- it goes by so fast!  I can't tell you how much fun it was or how much hard work went into this.  I can tell you that it was an extremely hot day in late April of 2011.  We were all wearing layers upon layers of winter clothes.  It was filmed inside of a warehouse where the temp was about 104 degrees.  We ran (full on run for your life) for about 5-6 hours straight.  The video wrapped at about 4 am.  (We got there about noon that day.)  This was the night before the devastating tornadoes ripped through Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee... we literally raced home in an attempt to outrun the storms.  Copious amounts of coffee and prayers got us all home safely!  It was the most amazing night- we had a blast! To this day I'm so very thankful to RED for letting us be a part of the epic adventure!  This video released 6.6.2011 -the day after my birthday.  I thought that was a pretty dandy gift!

Here's a video still shot showing me standing behind the very talented Mary Katherine Rowe, right before we all started running around in a panic so as not to be fed to the machine! 
And here we are at about 4am with the guys... tired, dirty, sweaty, and totally stoked.  What a great night!

Left to right:  Codie Atkins,
Michael Barnes (vocals), Joe Rickard (drums), Austin Kilgore, Me, Anthony Armstrong (guitar), and Randy Armstrong (bass).

Just me and some of my favorite REDheaded ladies acting silly before the shoot.  I love these girls!  I've made some pretty amazing friends in the RED NATION!

Charleah McCauley, Jen Bobo, Kierston Henderson, and Me.  ;)

And here *drum roll* is the new video (part two of the story in the Feed The Machine video) from Red's new album of the same title:  RELEASE THE PANIC!!! <---- click here to go watch the official video, just released!

Stay tuned to find out how to win a copy of the brand new cd!

Some of my other favorite Red Moments & Memories:

 Me hanging out with the guys in Chattanooga, this was my first time meeting the whole band.  I'd talked to vocalist Michael Barnes once before.  I was so happy to finally meet them all!

Yes, I've had red hair before... from auburn to a red so bright Randy once asked me, "Is that permanent? Wow." 

True hilarious story...
Nashville show. I'm standing right there in front of Anthony, so close that he stepped on my fingers at one point.  And then I notice this strange guy next to me.  He thinks he's Shaun Morgan of Seether, just look at him!  And he starts making faces at Anthony and stroking his leg all crazy like...  So, being the dedicated fan I am, I elbowed him and said, "Leave Anthony alone ya freak! What are ya some crazy Shaun Morgan wannabe?  Freak!"

Yeah, later that night I get home and see that Anthony has posted a picture of his buddy Shaun Morgan messing with him at the show.  It was actually him!  I sent him an apology, to which he laughed and said how fun it all was.  I then told the guys in Red about it, much to their amusement.  It is a funny and fond memory... but my oldest son, a true Seether fan, has still not forgiven me for this faux pas!

 Winter Jam Acoustic Experience on the RED Tour Bus. 

Me & My REDheaded Friends:

<----Me & Susie Phillips

Me & Colette Pedersen---->

Sometime I must tell you the story of how I met Colette!
Wow- talk about God's divine intervention and sense of humor!
Another time though- it's a long tale and this post is already reaching novel length!

More RED Fun:

Me rockin' at a RED concert with my little man and my REDheaded pal Kierston Henderson

My sons both love Red.

The oldest plays guitar and has been really inspired by Anthony Armstrong.

My little one, well he loves to play the drums and Joe Rickard is his hero!  He just loves Red so much but he makes no bones about it... someday he is going to play just like Joe!

We have been to about ten Red concerts now, hung out on the tour bus, been in a video, and it's all been more amazing than I can describe.  You'll never meet nicer guys.  They are just really good people and great role models for our young rockers.

I hear it a lot from those that don't get it or understand me.  I start talking about Red and they will say, "Geesh, they're just a band."  Not for my.  Not for my boys.  We are inspired by them in so many ways... inspired to be who we are and who we were meant to be.  Sure, they are just a band, just four guys making music... and they'll tell you that too.
Personally, I am thankful every day that I discovered their music.  It truly saved me.  No, not the band, not the music, and not a song.  We all know those things can't save you.  Only Jesus can save you.  But the music and the words did do something spectacular for me.  It put my feet back on the right path.  It opened my eyes, my heart, and my mind.  I once told the guys in Red that they were my GPS back to God.  They were.  And no matter how many times they remind me that they are just four guys making music... I'll continue to insist that they were God's chosen instrument to reach me.  And not just me.  Red's put many a lost and wandering soul back on the right road.  The song Pieces was the one that touched me so deeply that my life was never the same.  My heart changed that night, and I began seeking the truth, the answers that had eluded me, and the reasons for why that song had brought be to my knees in a sobbing, mess, begging God to hear me.  And hear me He did.  I listened to that song so many times that I half expected the cd to wear out.

I went to Soulstock to see Red in the summer of 2011... and got saved.  Later that year I was baptized wearing my Red shirt.  A shout out not just to the boys in the band who were my GPS back to God, but to God for knowing how best to reach me...  through the music, through the lyrics that entered my eardrums, ripped through my heart, and tore straight into my weary soul.  Oh, and both of my boys were also saved and baptized.  Life is good.  Writers, musicians, artists- we can all sing of His love!

I wear a cross pendant that has a small tag behind it- on it are the lyrics to Pieces "You call my name, I come to You in pieces, so You can make me whole" and my favorite Bible verse- Matthew 9:22- "But Jesus turned, and when he saw her, he said, 'Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole.' And the woman was made whole from that hour."

Beyond just Red, their music opened my world up to other wonderful bands that I'd never known before.  I had never really followed Christian music before Red came into my life.  Since then I've managed to collect a lot of new favorites from Skillet to Casting Crowns, and from Kari Jobe to Third Day, and well, truth be told hundreds of other new songs are now in my play list.  But, especially when writing, it is always RED that inspires me most.

Here's a look at Winter Jam, our most recent concert seeing Red:

And that brings us here... to a Red related teaser into my new novel "Eternal Providence"
It was this song that got my mind thinking, my heart stirring, and my imagination pumping!


Eternal Providence

What if the fate of the one you love rested on your survival
but the only way you could be together rested on your demise?

To find out how you can win an exclusive sneak peek of Eternal Providence- you got it-
Stay tuned!

Part Three:

by Tosca Lee

Today I got my copy of Iscariot and tonight I'll begin reading it... because I just cannot wait.

I've been looking so forward to this book.

I simply love Tosca Lee's beautiful writing style and the way she spins a story so mesmerizing that you are soon lost from your world and immersed in her story world.

I don't want to keep this kind of thing to myself.  So I'm going to offer you a glimpse into the story of Iscariot and then tell you how you can win yourself a copy!

So, take a short journey into the world of Iscariot:

Aren't you just dying to know the rest of the story?  

Good news, I'm going to give away a copy of Iscariot! 

Waiting for me to say Stay Tuned?  Well, I'm not going to.  

It's time!

Here's how to win a copy of :

Red's Release The Panic cd
Tosca's book Iscariot
An exclusive and official sneak peek of my new novel Eternal Providence








Want to get a free chance to win without having to send another person here to follow and comment?

Here's how:

1.  Go to my official Facebook Page, Like, and then comment with one of the following:
      To win Red's New Cd - comment "PANIC!"
      To win Iscariot - comment "JUDAS!"
      To win Eternal Providence Sneak Peek - comment "ANGEL'S FALL"


2.  Tweet me @DMKilgore 
     To win Red's New Cd - tweet #RELEASEthePANIC #RED
     To win Iscariot- tweet #ISCARIOT #TOSCA_LEE
     To win Eternal Providence Sneak Peek- tweet

EVERY TWEET = 1 point.

He/She with the most points by Friday wins the prize!


 I'll announce the winners then in the Fun Friday Post.  All prizes will be mailed out on Monday.

This Daily Dose of DM brought to you by one very excited REDheaded blue monkey!