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Friday, January 25, 2013

Ice Ice Baby... Meow.

January 25, 2013
Friday, 12:08 am

Weight:  201  blah!

Coffee Consumption: 1 cup and didn't bother to measure the Creamer.  Oops!

Chocolate Report:  Okay... in my defense the box said "weight watchers" on it.

Dear Diary,

I have eight dogs and one cat in my house tonight because of the winter ice-storm warning.  I rounded them all up and brought them in about 9 o'clock.  Only 3 of the 8 dogs are "mine" and only 4 of them are completely housebroken. 

The cat meowed, strutted into the living room, and fell over in the floor.  He hasn't moved.  I think he's playing dead.  Lexi hates everything in the house... the cat, the other dogs, the television, the air blowing out of the floor registers, and especially the scary appliances that make odd noises.  She's attacking everything that moves by yipping at it and jumping up and down.  Shadow is hiding in her crate.  Blackie is trying to maintain his "Top Dog - This is MY house" status by kicking his back leg around while barking maniacally.  Merribelle and Sadie are having a staring contest aka stand-off.  Sookie is more confused than ever and is running back and forth to check out the action and then go hide under the bed.  Damon is in full blown LOVE ME NOW mode and doesn't even seem to realize there are 8 other animals in the house.  And the three-legged, 60 lb. foster shag rug called Daisy is dancing and barking at the cat, the other dogs, and the ceiling.

All of this because the news made it sound like we were going to get this tonight:


Of course, now they are saying:

"the computer forecast models continue to delay the onset of any precipitation until well after sunrise."

Well, it's too cold to trek back outside and get everyone settled back into their kennels.  I guess it's an all-night doggie slumber party with special guest cat!  Let the good times begin.  Or not.  If only they could all get along, quietly.  But no... there has to be a barker, and a growler, a yipper, and meower, and a lot of click-click-click parading up and down the hallway.  They have no concept of "some of us have to be up early to go to work in the morning".  They don't understand "bedtime".  They are dogs.  And cat. 

Such is the life of the animal lover who devotes her "spare" *ha ha what a joke* time to saving dogs who have been abandoned in kill shelters.  My rant is as follows:  SPAY & NEUTER.  Do not get a dog if you can't handle commitment.  Do not get a dog if you are going to lose interest when they become less "cute" and more "gray" around the muzzle.  Dogs are for life.  Not lawn ornaments.  Not toys.  Not disposable.  I dream of a world where dogs take bad owners to the kill shelter.  Harsh?  Not really... not if you have seen what I have seen.  And for heaven's sake if you are going to get a dog.... ADOPT don't shop!  I'll stop now before I get on a tangent.  But really, where are people's brains?


Today, I spent the afternoon developing the characters for Eternal Providence and debating a good day to take a research trip to Providence TN.  Soon as the weather improves I'm off to check out the town, take some pictures, and do some historical investigating.  I'm excited!  

I have to give it to my muse... she was on a roll this afternoon.  She must have been the first in line at Starbucks this morning.  She was fired up by the time she got here!  I only wish she'd have thought to bring me a mocha latte.  Stingy thing.  I guess I'll have to settle for my morning Folger's.  

A new character came to mind while I was working.  It has changed the basis of the story significantly.  A lot of story fell into place with the addition of a small boy named Toby.  I spent a long time working on secondary characters.  I have names, careers, and "your part" of the story for each.  

I've taken to using multiple tools to organize my thoughts and after today... I really wish someone would create a writing program that combines Scrivener, Movie Outline, Character Writer, and Writer's Cafe.  I think that this combo would wind up being my end-all-be all of writing software!

I enjoy the Writer's Cafe a lot but am still having some trouble learning to use it properly so that it is most effective.  Scrivener is good and does what I need but it lacks some of the bells and whistles of Cafe.  Character Writer is a wonderful tool for fleshing out the characters in the initial stages of prepping for my story.  I don't think I could do without it!  And... I think Movie Outline might just be my new handy secret weapon for organizing my thoughts in order to build a great working outline.

Diary, can you keep a secret?  I think this story is going to be even more fun to write than FJ has been.  Maybe it's just that FJ is a bit dark and deadly... but this whole fantasy/paranormal young adult genre is really fun.

I cannot believe it's 1 am already.  I better get to bed.  (Which means I'll curl up in bed with Kevin O'Brien's "Killing Spree" until I can no longer hold my eyes open.)

Before I go, I just have to share my joy.   Writing wasn't the only highlight of my day!

You see Diary, today was yet another blessed day for my family.  My mother came through her surgery fine and the doctor is 99.99% sure it's not cancer.  Hallelujah.  My parents have had enough cancer fighting in the last 5 years to last a lifetime.  Thank you Jesus for answered prayers.  The pathologist said Sarcoidosis.  We will know for sure in two weeks.  We can handle that, because we are just overjoyed that it is NOT cancer.  Praise the Lord.  God is SO good. 
The animals have finally settled down, Thing 1 has stopped playing guitar, and Thing 2 has stopped yelling, "BooYA! Boogity boogity!  Take that!".  NOW is as good a time as any to announce "Lights Out!" and get them all to bed.  

I've lined up crates, pillows, and blankets for the members of the canine slumber party unit.  Let's hope they don't fight over who gets the orange pillow and the pink blanket.  Dogs are color blind, right?   

The cat is on his own. 


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This daily dose of DM brought to you by the crazy dog lady version of the blue monkey
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Can I get a cloning machine and a pot of coffee over here?

January 22, 2013
Tuesday, 8:47 pm

Weight:  202  (grrr- where did those 3 lbs come from?)

Coffee Consumption: 1 cup and only 1 tbsp of Creamer.  Whoop!

Chocolate Report:  Okay... I admit it.  I caved.  I had a bowl of cocoa-kripies.  Those little elves are just so evil.  They practically forced me to pour a bowl of snappin', cracklin', poppin' choco!

Dear Diary,

Did you miss me?  I sure missed you.  Each morning I thought I'd be able to get together with you over coffee.  Each afternoon I told myself we'd have lunch.  Every evening I hoped to see you over dinner... or at the very least over desert.  Sadly, it just didn't happen.  It's been a crazy busy few days.  But, here I am, finally.  So, let's catch up!

I've been really busy writing.  I've been really busy with school work.  I've been really busy introducing loving dogs to prospective new families.  I've been busy with being a wife and a mommy and all that that implies.  I've been busy.  Busy, busy, busy.  

Diary... I'm tired.  It's only Tuesday.  Whatever shall I do?  Today around 4pm I became so sleepy that I considered a second cup of coffee.  I even considered an entire pot.  

 Then I read online that an apple was a better choice for the afternoon slump.  Supposedly, an apple's natural sugar content gives you more of a boost than a cup o' joe.  I figured I'd give it a shot.  It didn't wake me up.  It did make me hungry.  I'm not sure why.  Do you get hungry when you eat an apple?  I find the same thing happens if I eat an orange.  Ironic that the healthy snacks make me ravenous.  Ravenous me likes choco and Doritos.  This is a serious problem for yours truly.

It's cold here today.  Two pair of socks and an extra thick sweater cold.  Brrr.  I hate typing with cold fingers.  I've decided that wearing fingerless gloves helps.  I feel rather silly sitting here wearing my Hot Topic fingerless gloves.  My hands are warm but my son's eye-rolling "your too old for that" look lingers in my mind.  Just between me and you... I have my eyes on some saucy lace-up goth boots I saw while buying my gloves.  Yes, son is right, I am too "old" for that look... but who says I can't wear them in the privacy of my own home?  They would go pretty well with my gloves... maybe not so much with my Granny Sweater and wooly hunting socks.  

I'm a fashionista in my own way.

It's really not my fault.  I did grow up in the era of jelly shoes, shoulder pads, hammer-pants, and painter caps.  Speaking of which...

Has anyone else noticed the return to the 80's
fashion du'jour? 

I swear all that is missing is rat tails and poodle perms!  I knew the 80's were coming back!

I've got a memoir to write for my creative writing class.  I've got another blog post to finish up for BMW.  But later on... when it's quiet in the house and all are sleeping...

I am going to dive into Eternal Providence.  I'm so excited about this new story!  I am also going to spend some time reworking the new starting point of Final Judgment.  It needs a lot of work, but I know what needs to be done.  Speaking of what needs to be done...  Did I mention I'm tired?  I could really use a cloning machine.  I need at least five of me.  So much to do.  So little time.  So little energy.  Maybe a coffee drip?

So, for now Diary, this is goodnight.

PS  I'm still giving away random goodies!  If you are following over there in that list to the right... you're already entered.  If you're not, follow now.  I'm just going to pick a random follower to surprise with a goody whenever the urge strikes me. 


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This daily dose of DM brought to you by a very busy blue monkey
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