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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Teaser Tuesday ~ Another dose of J.S. Bailey!

You remember the very talented J.S. Bailey that was featured here not so long ago right?

Well, if you missed it, here's a second chance to take a peek:

"The Land Beyond the Portal"

Today's Teaser Tuesday offers up a glimpse of J.S. Bailey's new short story, Vapors.

The white object now lay about thirty yards behind the trailer. It must have been heavy to have remained still in the wind. He trudged toward it, shielding the lower half of his face with one hand to prevent his mouth from filling with grit.

He squatted down beside the object. It looked like a small, white dome protruding from the earth, like a child’s toy ball. There were a few dents in it; and some thin lines traced their way around the dome like threads. No, not lines. Sutures. Kerry had seen his fair share of skeletons in his lifetime. The thing sticking out of the ground was a skull.

Now, wasn't that a great little tease?

Vapors is only available as an ebook, so hurry over and get yourself a copy now and see how it ends!  Click here to get yoru copyVapors on Amazon

Want to win a copy of Vapors?  

Just leave a comment below and I'll select one lucky random winner!  Winner will be announced Friday, June 21st on my Fun Friday post.  Drop a comment below then stay tuned to see if your the chosen one! ;)

J. S. Bailey is a lifelong resident of Clermont County, Ohio. She is an alumnus of St. Louis School and Clermont Northeastern High School, and graduated cum laude from Northern Kentucky University in December 2011 with a degree in Entrepreneurship.

Bailey learned to read at a young age and began writing soon after. She had a brief stint writing horoscopes for her high school newspaper before deciding she would have better luck inventing other things at the keyboard.

She penned her first (unpublished) novel while still in high school, and her debut novel The Land Beyond the Portal was released in July 2011 through Tate Publishing. Her other writing credits include a short story called Vapors and an upcoming novel called Rage's Echo. 

Bailey enjoys reading books by her favorite authors. When she isn't working or glued to a computer screen, Bailey spends time with her husband, Nathan, in their Southwest Ohio home.

Visit J.S. Bailey at her official website and be sure to become a fan on Facebook too!


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Anonymous said...

another page turner from J.S. Bailey. Vapors pulls you in and hangs on till the end!

Nicole Monson said...

Sounds intense! Very good tease :) Makes me want to read more!

Devin Berglund said...

OOhhh goodness. That really sounds like a great book. Want to read more!!! :)

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