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Monday, March 25, 2013

Musing Mondays ~ Mattress Mania!

March 25, 2013
Monday, 6:41 pm

Weight:  I feel like I weigh as much as a baby elephant and refuse to go forth and prove myself right.

Coffee Consumption: 1 cup of Belgian Chocolate Toffee
Chocolate Report: I had Nutella on my morning waffle... yes, again.

 A mattress by any other name would feel as soft...

I have been on the prowl for a new mattress for about four months now.  I've been complaining about my current mattress for nearly as many years.  A mattress is a serious investment, considering how much of my life I am supposed to spend sleeping.  I'll warn you this post is a bit long, but if you make it to the end you will be well prepared to tackle mattress shopping when it's your time!

Why it matters so much:

You see, due to a lovely elderly woman who thought she had time to turn her Caravan left in front of my Sentra back in September of '93, I've had terrible problems with my neck, knee, and back.  The older I get the more the aches and pains of my past seem to catch up with me.  I feel it most when I'm trying to sleep.  I just can't get comfortable.  The pressure on my hips and shoulders keeps me tossing and turning from side to side all night long.

One of the things on the top of my "must have" list when I got married in '94 was a great mattress.  My dearest hubby likes to sleep on a rock.  I prefer a cloud.  So, back in the day when Paul Harvey first began touting about the new Select Comfort "air bed" (now known as the Sleep Number bed) I tuned in. We ordered one.  I was delighted.  My sleep number is 25-30 while my hubby's is 95.  Rolling from his side of the bed to mine-- known as the drop off was a dangerous experience for all concerned.

The Sleep Number Bed:

I did love the Select Comfort mattress, and it served us well, as long as no one fell off the drop off.  After our youngest was born, hubby and I found ourselves having some serious sleep compatibility issues.  I ended up sleeping in the Select Comfort bed alone, in the middle of the bed.  The problem with sleeping in the middle of the bed is that there are two desperate air chambers and nothing in between.  So I ended up sleeping in the space between the chambers.  Eventually the mattress began to give out in this area and really, there was no reason to pump the left and right sides of the bed higher and higher until the gulf was supportive enough to keep my back from aching.  After fifteen years, we gave the bed a nice burial and hubby went out and bought an extra-firm inner spring mattress for a fourth of what we'd paid for the Select Comfort.

The Horror Of An "Extra-Firm" Mattress:

Needless to say, an extra-firm inner spring mattress was the last thing I wanted to sleep on.  Just another entry on the reasons we cannot sleep in the same bed.  We now have our own rooms.  Say what you will, but it works for us.  We both sleep better.  Well, he does.  I invested in a blow-up air mattress until I could find the bed of my dreams, and when that gave out, I too succumbed to a cheap inner spring mattress when one came my way.  But, I held out hope that I'd find another bed that I'd love as much as the Select Comfort.  In fact, if they'd made a model that had only one air bladder in it, I'd have gotten another one right away.  Alas, they don't, and I will be honest about the mold claims- they are true.  I did have mold build up on the lining of the bed beneath the air chambers.  Scary stuff.  No one wants to sleep on black mold.

The Serious Shopping Begins:

Anyhoo... I'm getting off track.  I've been looking at mattresses, driving back and forth to Chattanooga to spend my days sampling the sales and pretend sleeping on the different makes and models in twenty minute trials.  I didn't even look at the inner-spring styles.  I knew what I wanted.  I wanted a memory foam mattress, but one with the new cooling gel. 

Paradise Gel by Dutch Craft

I tried out a Paradise Gel by Dutch Craft.  Heavenly.  I wrote down the price, left my number, in case they went on sale, and went home to do my homework.  The good:  The mattress didn't get hot as some memory foam beds do.  It was supportive but soft-- just as I wanted.  The company seems to be a good one.  Made in USA products, they are a Christian organization.  They do a lot of humanitarian work.  The bad:  What they don't do is reply to emails, phone calls, or questions about their products.  I really didn't want to drop $2,000 on a mattress if I couldn't get answers, so I kept looking for a similar product.  They did finally answer me, three month later, by the way.  Dutch Craft does not offer an in home trial.  If you try the bed and end up hating it, too bad, so sad, it's yours and you're stuck.  Moving on.


Everyone knows that the name in memory foam mattresses is Tempurpedic.  I did look at those.  I did try them out.  I did fall madly in love with the Cloud Luxe model with the wireless adjustable base and the fancy $169 pillow that matched.  The good:  They have a good customer service rating, they have a good customer satisfaction rating, and they have a 90 night in home trial and 20 year warranty (prorated after 10 years).  The bad:  Once I settled into the thing, rolling over was so difficult I thought I'd have to call the sales associate over to extract me from the crater I'd found myself in.  They only take the mattress back, not the base (which is almost as pricey), and you have to pay the shipping (almost as much as the mattress).  So if you end up hating the bed, it's up to you to send it back, out of pocket, and then you will be refunded for the mattress cost only-- not the return shipping, not the base, and not the time or trouble of hauling a heavy mattress to the FedEx office.  Also, after 20 minutes the bed was uncomfortably warm despite my being told that the "heat trapping" was a myth.  Oh, and... at $7,999,  it was more than just a wee bit out of my reach.  Back to reality.

Serta iComfort

Serta makes a comparable bed called the iComfort, that is said to be as good as Tempurpedic, but cooler.  I did some digging and figured out that the Savant was close to the Luxe Cloud.  The good:  I didn't sink to the point of needing help getting up again.  They do seem to stay a bit cooler than the Tempurpedic.  They are half the price of the Tempurpedic.  They have good customer service and customer satisfaction ratings.  They offer a 120 night in home trial and 25 year warranty (prorated after 10 years).  The bad:  They still get warm, even though not as warm as the Tempurpedic.  They are still up there in price (the model I had in mind with just a standard base was $3,999).  They don't help with return shipping.  It's up to you to get the thing back to them.  And like with Tempurpedic, it's out of pocket and only the mattress is returnable, not the foundation.  I made a note that the "Savant" model with a standard foundation was a possibility, even though I'd have to save up for it.  And then I went home to do some research.  And I found some other, possibly better options.


Basically, this is the same concept as Tempurpedic and iComfort (memory foam), but green.  The good:  Think of bio-pure products, no off-gassing of stinky toxins, and guaranteed cooler sleep surfaces because of their exclusive plant-based materials.  Their top of the line bed is only $2,100 for a queen (including the foundation), free shipping, no tax, and a 90 night in home trial and 20 year warranty (prorated after 10 years).  They had great reviews.  The only cons on their high list of pros was that some people felt the bed was too firm.  I really, really considered this option.  The bad:  once again it's up to you to return the mattress if you don't like it.  You have to pay the shipping, take it to FedEx for drop off, and there is a 15% recycling fee added.  The mattress is so heavy that the return shipping cost runs almost as much as the mattress itself.  Also, this bed is online only.  No way to test it out.  All the reviews agreed that the models were firmer than the Tempurpedic models they were compared to.  I was just feeling a little bit too much risk involved.

Simmons BeautyRest Black

I went back to the mall to re-try the Savant.  On the way out of Sears, I plopped down on the BeautyRest Black pillow top inner-spring model.  Oh my!  So soft.  So supportive.  In an inner-spring?  Whoa.  The good:  The mattress and matching box spring were on sale for 60% off.  I was pretty sure, out of both frustration with my search and the increasing urgency to finally have a decent night sleep, that this was the one.  Back at home, I did the usual research.  BeautyRest is made by Simmons.  This is where it gets bad.  They have the worst customer service and BBB rating possible and that particular mattress is known for premature sagging.  Back to the drawing board.

I was horribly frustrated with the entire process.  When you are plopping down a couple grand on a bed you want to know it's the right bed for you, that it's going to stand the test of time, and that if you do have a problem then you can reach someone and they will be courteous and actually helpful!  If I'm getting an "in home trial" then I want the company to bend over backwards to make sure at the end of that trial I am either happy with the bed, or I am happy with the ease (and expense) of the return process!  I want answers before I buy.  I want a real person when I call.  I want American made.  I want value, quality, and comfort.

I went to Facebook to post a grumbly new status about my bed-frustrations.  (I'm sure my friends were sick of those by now.)  I figured I'd end up plopping down a thousand bucks more than I wanted to spend on the iComfort Savant, and praying it would work for me long term.  No way could I afford to send the thing back if it didn't.  As I was logging out and preparing to head back to the mall, yet again, I noticed an ad over on the right of my screen.  


What the heck.  I clicked it.  What I found changed everything.  In five minutes I was on the phone with a real live person talking over who admitted they were extremely busy with phone calls and took my number, saying a sleep specialist would call me back.  Yeah right, I'd heard that before.  I went to get dressed to go to the mall.  Before I could even make it to the other room the phone rang.  I ended up talking to a gentleman who was patient, honest about my concerns, informed about the product, and not even a teeny bit pushy.  We discussed everything from what I wanted in a mattress to what type of sleeper I am, and maybe most importantly why the "this sounds to good to be true" only increased my overall fear of ordering something online that I'd never tried out in real life.

Let me tell you a little about what I learned.

1)  Luxe-Pedic is entirely American made- right down to the foam.  Hand made in South Carolina by American workers, and shipped from there as well.

2)  Out of hundreds of reviews only two were "negative" and even those stated that it was not the company, the product, or the customer service that was to blame-- the bed just didn't work for them for whatever reason.  I followed up on that to see if it was legit.  It is.  The company had glowing (and I mean rave) reviews.

3)  They have a Facebook page.  I spent hours there reading all the posts.  Not one negative post, and the very minimal complaints were handled promptly and courteously.

4)  They have an excellent BBB rating.

5)  They are a family owned company that has been making mattresses since 1931.

6)  They have a list on their site that compares their beds to each Tempurpedic and iComfort model so that you can best choose the bed that is most like the one you tried out at the mall.

7)  They have a lifetime warranty.  Yes, lifetime.  100% coverage for the first 15 years.

8)  They use the same quality and density of Visco-Elastic foam as that pricey-pedic version I loved.

9)  They have engineered a sleep cool foam with an open cell technology that allows your body to breathe.  All reviews posted that the mattresses do indeed sleep cool.

10)  They are currently having an amazing pre-Easter sale.  $800 off a mattress, and two top of the line pillows free (a $383 value).  $500 off their adjustable foundation.  Free delivery, free set up, no tax.  

11)  Their adjustable foundation has even more bells and whistles than that other pricey-pedic brand offers.

12)  They offer a 30 day in home trial.  You cannot return the bed until you've tried it for 21 days (to give your body plenty of time to adjust to sleeping on a good supportive mattress).  If after that time you want to return the mattress, you pay only a $99 recycling fee.  (That's a third of what I averaged for the return fees with the other companies I'd researched.)

A Dozen Reasons This Is The Bed For Me!

Let me break it down for you.

I ordered a queen size "Wellington" memory foam mattress featuring a luxurious soft quilted silky Aloe Vera cover, plush depth, elegant layered design, an extra thick layer of 5" PÜR Cool-Luxe memory foam atop a deep supportive orthopedic foam base for a pain-free, restful night's sleep. It features a Better Edge™ support system that bolsters the edges and adds 30% more sleep space.

And I ordered a Luxe Motion 4 adjustable, wireless base that features unlimited ergonomic positioning, massage, and even a night light! It features both Wall-Hugger and Zero Gravity.

I ordered a  queen mattress protector that protects from spills as well as allergens.  It's made to work with the cool sleep system of the mattress.  No hot spots or heat trapping.

The current sale included two free "Cool-Luxe" Comfort Pillows-- plush support for side, back, and stomach sleepers, with a washable downy case, and dust mite/allergen resistant too.  The pillows sell for $169.10 each. 

All of that I ordered is 100% made in Greenville, South Carolina.

I got free shipping, including in home white-glove set up. 

With their current sale, I got all of this for $2, 200.00. 

So, I got a bed even better than that Tempurpedic number, with awesome pillows, and all those extras... and I saved $6482.

Yes.  I'm a happy lady.

I'll be sure to update you all on if it is everything I dreamed of as soon as it arrives.  I'm very excited.

If you'd like to check out Luxe Pedic click the banner below to hurry on over.  Their amazing Pre-Easter sell ends soon! 

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