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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Short Story Saturdays ~ Writers Wanted!

8 Second Ride
by D.M. Kilgore

            “Daniel?!” Leah whispered through the tattered screen door of her double-wide. Not believing her eyes she pushed at the screen, stumbled down the cracked sidewalk, and slid into the waiting pick-up.
            “Hey babe,” he drawled, his eyes searching hers intimately.
            “Danny?” she reached out to touch his face, expecting him to disappear into the darkness, but he remained seated next to her. She drew her hand away from his warm cheek in amazement. Danny gave her his trademark lop-sided grin and turned his attention to the stereo. He casually punched the search button, settling on Tim McGraw, before gunning the engine. 
            Leah smiled tentatively as they sped down Union Road and onto Highway 111. She still couldn’t believe he was here.  She slid across the bench-seat and settled her head on Danny’s broad shoulder. She’d always fit perfectly, the most perfect fit in the world as far as she was concerned, right there at his side. She closed her eyes and sent up a silent prayer of thanks, relaxing as she listened to Danny sing along with Tim.  Just like old times.
            Inhaling deeply, absorbing the familiar woodsy scent of his skin, she let go of all remaining traces of doubt. He was here, real… alive. She opened her eyes just in time to see the semi’s grill smash through the windshield.
            Leah stood in the street amidst puddles of oil, gasoline, and blood, completely unharmed, and still wearing Danny's t-shirt. She held her breath waiting, watching, until the truck exploded– shooting metal and flames into the midnight sky, just as she knew it would. She watched as her boyfriend appeared out of the wreckage, just as she knew he would.
            “I love you Leah.” He smiled at her one last time.
            And just like that, he was gone… again.

© 2013 D.M. Kilgore

All content is copyright protected and may not be copied, reprinted, reposted,
or used in any way without the express permission of D.M. Kilgore.
All Rights Reserved.


Notes About This Short Story:

 This story always starts a song playing in my mind, and strangely enough it's not Tim McGraw.  For some reason, I hear Gloriana's "Kissed You".  I'm often inspired by music.  Typically, I'll hear a song and a story idea will pop into my head based on the lyrics or music.  This is the first time I've written something that later made me think of a song that seems to be important to the character's story.  

Here's the video: 

Comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts on
if you think the song has a reason beyond the story.

*Original Story Prompt by LaDonna Cole
Read her article at Blue Monkey Writing to see how you too can write emotion packed short stories and more!

Emotive Writing: One More Time with Feeling!

I am currently accepting submissions for short stories for this weekly Saturday post.  If you have a short story you'd like to see featured here, email it to  Please include one to two pictures that go with your story, your full name (or pen name) as you'd like it to appear with your posted story, a personal picture (headshot) and a short biography. Also, feel free to include links to your social networking, websites, or blogs.   Include an email address where you can be notified if your story is chosen.  Happy Writing!


LaDonna said...

I love this story! It is the perfect example of writing with feeling and getting that deep point of view from a character. Nice! Look at all those impact words! YaY!

I think maybe Leah wishes she had just one more kiss with Danny before the think?

DM Kilgore said...

Yes, I think that is very possible! ;)

Robin Harnist said...

Loved this! Great job on the short story.

DM Kilgore said...

Thank you Robin! I find the shorts very challenging. I am going to try to write one a month (at least) to help me figure out how to say a lot without saying a lot! ;)

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