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Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Musings ~ Write Here. Write Now.

February 11, 2013
Monday, 9 am

Weight:  Down 2 pounds! Whoop!

Coffee Consumption: Down to 1 cup and only 1 tbsp of Creamer.

Chocolate Report: I indulged in some Peanut M&M's.  Yep.  I admit it.  They were good! 


musing:  deep in thought; contemplative.


 I need to remember this and apply it: 


You write wherever you have to in order to get it done. 



For me, that doesn't mean I can write anywhere.  

Technically, I can write where ever and when ever.

Depending on my mood and scene, sometimes McDonald's is better than my office-- but that's normally what I deem "small" writing.  I can do blog posts, short stories, and character studies or research in public places.

In the great outdoors, I'm most often writing poetry.  

When it comes to my novels...

I need a specific place to write.  
I need my Scriptorium!  
That's my "wherever... in order to get it done".

My writing room has been "out of order" for the past month and it's making me crazy.  

I'm currently writing in the living room with piles of books and notes stacked next to the couch.  I can write here.  Write now.  I can get it done.  I'm just not as productive this way.  I am constantly having to lug books to and from my writing room and back again.  My files, notes, and storyboard cannot all be moved to the living room.  I find the television a distraction.  The kitchen is too close and convenient.

It's just not working for me.

I've only managed to set myself up in an awkward writing seat (recliner) and surround myself by clutter and chaos.  The living room is a mess of books, notepads, pens, wires, electronics, etc.

Next week, it's time to revamp and clean my writing room.  After all, the purpose of that room was to write in, not to store things that have no home in.  Hubby is just going to have to get over it and make room in his shed for the "extra shhtuff" we've collected.

There are things about my Scriptorium that worked beautifully.  The large bulletin board gave me a great place for keeping a timeline and character work sheets for my current WIP.  The overhead bookshelves hubby built for me were great for all those books I needed to keep within reach.  The u-shape desk set up allowed me plenty of room for my PC, laptop, reference books, notes, and a bit of this and that to be spread about.

There were also things that didn't work so well.  The decor, though pretty Vintage Victorian, was not the best option in terms of inspired writing.  The room had a rather formal "don't sit there" kind of vibe.  Too much froo-froo that was fragile and needed to be dusted, if you get my drift.  The bed, meant to be a cozy spot to recline and read, or daydream, was dressed in an ivory satin spread--oooh don't touch it, don't even look at it, it might pick, stain, wrinkle, or self-destruct.

The dogs sharing the space often proved to be an adorable distraction.

 Moving my exercise bike in there to remind myself not to sit still at my desk for too long, backfired.  It became something to stub my toes over, pile things on, and blocked the closet (where my supplies were stored).

We've been redoing the house a room at a time.  My most recent decision to merge my writing room with my bedroom... well, let's just say I'm reconsidering. I think I might do well to keep my sleeping area free of distractions like computers, reference books, and giant white boards.  I have enough trouble sleeping without the convenience of 24-7 access to writing tools.

My goal now is to rework the Scriptorium, keeping what works, and improving what doesn't.

Do you have a writing room?  

Are you a "write anywhere" writer?  

Can you just drop it like it's hot
and write "here" and write "now'?  

Or do you need your "space", your special place, your own version of a Scriptorium?


What is one thing you must have to write?

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This daily dose of DM brought to you by a musing blue monkey with a plan!


Kristie Haigwood and Ella Medler said...

Love it! Yes, I started writing in the days when people were buying sheds to place at the back of the garden and forgot the need to supply them with electricity. Fine on a sunny day if you use pencils and paper pads. Not fine in dreary UK when you need the light on through daylight hours and even worse if you use a computer.

I then 'graduated' to pretty much anywhere, anytime, and within that frame more specifically to a pile of cushions on the living room floor, my back against the low ledge of a South-facing window. The windowsill soon filled with writing clutter and I spent hundreds on earphones which I wore non-stop while writing, to cut out the interference of kids, TV, etc. Surprisingly, I wrote a book like that. I'm still amazed I did it.

Then we moved house. During the move I wrote at work, during breaks, on my laptop. People became interested and would sit and watch me. Ugh! At least I'd learned how to ignore stares during my living room floor apprenticeship. I finished that book in the new house bedroom.

More recently, I've claimed a small room off the bedroom, where one wall is nearly entirely a window with a view to garden trees, shrubs and - because of excessive rain - mud in which my dogs love to roll. A leather sofa allows me to stretch my legs and dream up stories, the wall opposite is covered in maps and any other 'necessary' stuff, just above two low bookcases which contain a lot of stuff I don't need, and some that I do. Through the archway, I can see the bedroom, but I don't look that way often. I love my writing den, and can't help thinking I should have done that earlier, but I guess all things happen for a reason. I excel at ignoring people now, if I so wish. And I also know that, if I could write in atrocious conditions, I most certainly want this career. :)

DM Kilgore said...

Your writing den sounds fabulous! I need to work harder on "ignore" settings. My husband is horrible to interrupt when I am writing or reading. Ugh! Thanks so much for your comment Ella! I do hope you'll come back often! =)

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