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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Zone

 Novel Writing 101

1.  Writer's Block

2. Typical Writing 

3.  All Night Write

4.  The Zone

Let me tell you about The Zone...

Writers in the zone lose all sense of time. 

You might find the writer unresponsive to anything without a hard drive.

Writers in the zone should not be approached, for any reason.

If you ask the writer in the zone about dinner, or clean underwear, expect to be killed off violently in whatever she is working on.  Fix yourself a sandwich and go commando, trust me.

The writer in the zone does not need to eat or sleep.  That's a myth.  Go away.

Should you accidentally approach a writer in the zone the following evasive maneuver might save your life:  See that empty coffee cup?  Approach slowly, cautiously remove it- just long enough to refill it, return it silently, then back away slowly.

The writing zone is for writers only.  It's not big enough for both of you.  Just walk away.

And if the writer is wearing this:

Take it seriously!

This PSA has been brought to you by the Live Another Day Foundation.

 You're Welcome!


Was it the writing zone or some other sort?

Tell me about it below!

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That said, here's your Daily Dose of DM
The whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Home. Living room. 2:02 am. 

I'm blogging at 2 am because I've been in The Zone and didn't want to stop to blog.  I would not have remembered to blog at all but my new BMW blog post popped up in my feed.  *Be sure to check it out!  It's not a bad little post if I do say so myself, and I do.  *Giggle*

Weight: 206 lbs... booya!

Food Consumed:  Copious amounts of coffee (heavy on the Gourmet French Vanilla), bagel with industrial sized spoonfuls of cream cheese (not the light kind either). I skipped lunch... in the zone, remember?  For dinner I had a nice NY Strip steak, half a baked potato (with only half a tub of butter and sour cream), and a salad.  Snacks:  1 orange, 2 pieces of Peppermint Bark.

Daily Calorie Budget: 1,200 / Net calories: 1,202 (whoops!)

Exercise: I'm certain that typing burns calories.... *runs to Google*  Why yes, yes it does! 

According to Harvard Health Publications, typing on a computer burns 41 calories per half hour for a 125-lb. person. A 155-lb. person burns 51 calories typing for 30 minutes and a 185-lb. person burns 61 calories doing the same job.  So let me do some math....

If that's right then I burned 852 calories while in the zone.  So, the question is- do writers in the zone get skinnier because they don't stop to eat? Or because of all the calories burned typing?  It's a mystery!

The Truth:

I spent all day in my pajamas, at my computer, writing.  About ten minutes before hubby pulled in the driveway I threw on some clothes (the same ones I had on yesterday), ran a comb through my hair, and gargled with Scope.  I think he's on to me.

Today's moment with God:  I did my morning devotional, prayers, and part of my bible reading for today but then... I got caught up in The Zone.  God's loving reminder came in an email for a daily bible verse I signed up for.

"Listen carefully to my words. Don't lose sight of them. Let them penetrate deep into your heart; for they bring life to those who find them, and health to their whole body." Proverbs 4:20b-22 (NLT)
Sometimes I forget how much God desires to speak to me.

Every day, He graciously gives us a fresh start, a new opportunity to come to Him.

I'll do better tomorrow!

Time with family and/or friends: Two words-  THE ZONE. 

Word Count Goal: 2,500 / Actual Word Count: 8,422!!! They don't call it The Zone for nothing!

Currently Reading: 

, by Tosca Lee (Chapter 4) LOVE IT!

Don't Say A Word by Beverly Barton (Chapter 4) Didn't make any progress here today.

Bible: Genesis 8:1-10:32, Matthew 4:12-25, Psalm 4:1-8, Proverbs1:20-23

Thing 2 and I are still reading the Magic Tree House Series, by Mary Pope Osborne.  We're still on book three, Mummies In The Morning (Chapter 5).

Bible Study:  Beth Moore's Daniel (Week 6)

It's now 3:02 am. 

I could go back to The Zone... but I should go to bed instead. 
Tomorrow (well today) is another day!


Stephanie Pazicni Karfelt said...

I live in the zone! It is the writing zone. The one where you don't want to stop and eat or sleep. That picture up there, of the writer in the zone? That is an actual unretouched photo of me. I think. Then again, I'm in the zone right now.

DM Kilgore said...

I would have replied sooner... but yeah... I too was in the zone. ^.^

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