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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Midnight Musings & Crazy Friends...

January 29, 2013
Monday, Tuesday, 12:16 am

Weight:  202  I better switch up my calories and workouts... going the wrong way!

Coffee Consumption: 1 cup with 1 tbsp creamer... and the more creamer I cut the more I realize... I don't really like coffee.  *gasp*

Chocolate Report:  One tiny wee little square of peppermint bark.  I found it in the cabinet and it made me an offer I couldn't refuse:  EAT ME.  Say hello to my little friend choco!

Dear Diary,

I'm sitting here with a big goofy grin on my face tonight, despite the manic madness that was Monday.  I have to smile.  I love my friends.  I have some really great, although totally twisted friends.  I love it when I send out a midnight "can your read this for me?" text and get a phone call in return full of encouragement to take the short story and run with it... full length novel run with it.

I love it when I send out a 2 am instant message for a beta reader and get back a prompt "SURE!"  I love it when the reply to the beta-reading includes being upset about not getting to see how depraved the killing was going to be.

A few of my friends get me.  They get me in a way that no one else does.  I'm very luck to have such loyal, dedicated (devious) friends.  I could not write the way I do without them.  Be they inspiration, cheerleader, muse, or just curious to see what is going on in my crazy head... they are there and I can count on them.  That's a blessing I will never take for granted. 

Some of my friends are blue monkeys (ie writers), some of them are fellow homeschool moms, some are animal advocates that share my passion and dreams of a world where animals are both loved and respected.

A cherished few have known me for decades... and despite really knowing me... have stuck around.  And even if we don't get to see each other often, I know they will be here for me just as I am here for them... forever, always, and at the drop of a hat.  Any time, any place, and at any hour.

A couple of my decade-long friends have seen me at my very worst, been with me through the darkest of times, and even though we spent years apart, they never forgot the history that tied our hearts together long before we were old enough to understand what an important bond that could be.

Some of my friends are rather new and though they don't know me well, there have been instant connections that are amazing.  These people get me too, just in a different way.

I've made new sisters and brothers in Christ that never hesitate to go above and beyond to do a kindness.  I always return the love, not because they expect it, but because that's what friends do.

Through it all, good times or bad, old friend or new, there has always been someone there for me... just the someone I need in my life at that moment in time.  The perfect person to share in my moment and know just what to say or do to see me through it.  Luck?  Coincidence?  I think not...

Friendship is part of God's divine plan for our lives.

He puts the people in our lives we most need, when we most need them, to help us become who we were always meant to be.  In that same way He puts us in other people's lives to help them become who they were always meant to be.  Sometimes you never even know the ripple effect you've had in someones world.  One small seemingly insignificant deed might be the very action that offers someone life changing hope.  Always be ready to offer love and friendship to those around you.

So, to my friends...  old and new... and mostly for those that have stuck around when the easy thing to do would have been to run like mad for the nearest exit...

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my mad, crazy, beautiful, wonderful, tragic, manic, amazing life.  I love you.  I'm always here for you.  Except for Thursday nights from 8-9 pm.  *You know who you are -- don't mess with my Damon time!*

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I love comments. ;)

~ * ~

This daily dose of DM brought to you by a very thankful blue monkey
who is very glad to have friends who are as crazy as she is!

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