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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kickin' Rocks & Your Daily Dose of DM

Today was all about kickin' rocks.

According to Urban Dictionary, kick rocks means move on , walk away, leave.  Sounds about right.  I've got some rocks to be kickin'.  The rocks are currently traveling from my left kidney to parts I'd rather not think of just now, and they are moving painfully slow.  I'd sure like to kick them the heck out for good.  
Sadly, this isn't my first experience.  This is round 3 in as many years.  I've got rocks in the right kidney too but for now they seem happy hanging out in there.  It's when they get bored and go moseying down the ureter that they start showing destructive tendencies.  I won't go into all the medical jargon and gross details but for anyone who has never experienced the pain of a kidney stone, I'll sum it up for you. 

Stones move from the kidney and obstruct the ureter or renal pelvis.  This results in excruciating, intermittent pain that radiates from the flank (between the upper abdomen and the back) to the groin or to the genital area and inner thigh.  Sounds delightful doesn't it? 

The bigger the stone the more painful this rockin' field trip.  I've passed large stones before. 

Let's just say,
I'd rather naturally birth a baby elephant
while sitting in an acid bath
with my hair on fire.  

 My current rolling stone is 8mm.  That's considered too large to pass naturally.  After being informed of my surgical options, I have opted to prove the medical community wrong.  Again.  I passed a stone that size before with home remedies.  It's not at all pleasant but it beats the alternatives.

Home remedies it is.

Remedy 1 involves drinking 3 fluid ounces of olive oil and 3 fluid ounces of lemon juice at bedtime tonight.  Tomorrow upon waking I'll begin drinking water-- about a gallon over the course of the day.

 It tastes nasty but believe me there are worse remedies... as you'll soon see.

If that fails to work I'll begin Remedy 2.  It involves a jug of Gatorade, a 2 liter Coke, and a heaping helping of boiled asparagus.  MMM-mmm good! 


And, should that fail to relieve me of my tormenting little friend, I shall turn to Remedy 3, tried and true.  Raw potato juice mixed with black strap molasses, consumed a mason jar full at a time.


Can you imagine how awful it tastes? You can?  

Guess what, you aren't even close. 
It's horrific.  

But hey, it beats the pain of a stone.  

 Ironically, the juice of raw potatoes helps in relieving sciatic nerve pain.  I'm also having a sciatica attack this week, as if a kidney stone isn't bad enough!

 That said, here's your Daily Dose of DM
The whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Wednesday, January 2, 20123  (Don't judge me.  You know you are still doing this too!)
Home. Living room. 11:00 pm. 

65lb foster dog snoring on the other end of the sofa. Three rat terriers sleeping at my sides and back. I'm in no shape to remind any of them that they aren't supposed to be on the sofa.  Thing 1 is in his room... doing who knows what.  Thing 2 is in his room... sounds like he's remodeling.  Darling husband spent all night looking for a car online, got frustrated, and went to bed an hour ago.

Weight: 208 lbs... not that I expected it to move overnight.

Food Consumed:  Copious amounts of coffee (heavy on the Gourmet French Vanilla), bagel with industrial sized spoonfuls of cream cheese (not the light kind either).  I had a slice of baked ham and a half cup of mashed potatoes for lunch with a bottle of water.  Dinner was hubby's famous burgers.  I tricked mine out healthy-style by skipping the mayo and cheese and eating spinach, cucumber and tomato on mine.  I also had hubby make mine smaller than usual.  I did indulge in 4 ounces of caffeine free Dr. Pepper.  Water and burgers are just ewww.  No snacks today.  Kidney stone sidelined my appetite at about 8pm.  I'm nauseous now and doubt I'll do any late night snacking.  Silver lining if there could be one. 

Daily Calorie Budget: 1,200 / Net calories so far today: 1,264 (So close... again... gah!)

Exercise:  I didn't do squat today.  Thank you sciatica and kidney stones for sidelining me on day two.  Well played life.  You crack me up.  >.<

The Truth:

Tonight's blog is being brought to you by Vicodin.  True Story.  In fact my fingers feel like they are working all by themselves without input from my brain.  Interesting.  This out of body writing experience might make for a fascinating mess in my WIP.  I'm thinking I better leave it alone.  Garren is being disagreeable enough already.

Today's moment with God:  I read 1 John 4:18 and resolved to stop focusing on the what ifs of the future and to start focusing on loving to the fullest today. I prayed for the Lord to help me not to have any regrets of how I've lived out my life.  I also did some praying for healing and kidney stone obliteration of the divine nature. 

Time with family and/or friends:  Thing 1 and 2 are well aware that mama with a kidney stone and sciatica means it's best to stay in your room and use the time to play way too much Xbox. I meant to call my parents today... but then the whole stone thing made me too cranky to talk on the phone.  Time with friends... as usual that was limited to Facebook.  I really must try harder to be social.  (Deja vu anyone?)

Word Count Goal: 2,500 / Actual Word Count: 2,286 (Eh, close enough!)

Currently Reading: 

, by Tosca Lee (Chapter 2)  Truly Tosca! So beautifully written and mesmerizing!

Don't Say A Word by Beverly Barton (Chapter 4) I must say, it's so sad reading this knowing it was her last book.  RIP Beverly. I truly enjoyed your work!

Bible: Genesis 3:1-4:26, Matthew 2:13-3:6, Psalm 2:1-12, Proverbs 1:7-9

Thing 2 and I are still reading the Magic Tree House Series, by Mary Pope Osborne.  We're still on book three, Mummies In The Morning (Chapter 4).

Bible Study:  Beth Moore's Daniel (Week 6)

It's now 11:39 pm. 

Looks like I'm going to be in bed by midnight!  Whoop!  Thank you Vicodin. 

Have you ever had a kidney stone? 
What's your favorite home remedy? 
Play along even if you haven't had one
(I pray you never do)
and tell me your favorite home remedy
for whatever ails ya!

*** I'll pick a random winner for a random prize this week.  All you have to do is follow the blog and comment below for a chance to win! ***

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