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Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm a poet and I know it... or am I?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Weight:  202.  Yep.  Go me!  Since January 1st I have lost 9 lbs of the 11 I regained over the holidays.  I'm only 2 lbs away from that stupid number on the scale I keep promising myself I will never cross again.  THIS TIME I MEAN IT.

Coffee Consumption: 1 cup and only 1 tbsp of Creamer.  A serious improvement.  I think my jug of French Vanilla might last through the weekend at this rate.  I don't see myself giving up the coffee or the creamer.  Just keeping it real.

Chocolate Report:  Not a crumb since January 6th.  It seems this "quitting" chocolate might actually be a plausible goal.  I tell myself it's temporary.  When I hit my "goal" I can have it again.  In moderation.  What's moderation?  *scratches chin*  Not sure.  I don't think it applies to coffee, chocolate, or book shopping though. 

Dear Diary,

I know I missed a day of blogging, and of my whole great "daily doses" idea... but really...

I doubt I was missed.  *sniff*  Gathering blog followers is hard!  Who knew?  I can't even entice people to stop by when I give free stuff away.  Shocking and tragic, isn't it?  Must work on socialization skills... or buy better deodorant.  Not sure which.  I smell good though.  Just sayin'.

But, enough about that.  I wanted to tell you the reason I missed a day.  I was busy with my school work.  This has been my first week of my new English class, Creative Writing.  I've been rather excited that I'd have "creative freedom" in my school assignments.  I'm discovering that "freedom" is limited.  We have "rules"  (the horror, the horror) that have to be followed. 

This week my writing assignment said, "Write A Poem".  I did a little jig.  I have been writing poems since I was 4 years old.  CAKE.  I further examined the instructions and rubric to discover we had to choose a prompt and then write our poem from there.  PIE. 

The startling realization that this thing was going to go down more like TUNA (gag) came with the words:  "This is a free writing assignment, so don't worry about rhyme or meter! Just have fun!" Whaaaa?????



Since the age of 4, my poetry has consisted of jotting down my very heartfelt thoughts, and then placing them in perfectly aligned stanzas, being sure that there was a precise rhyme pattern, and that each line had an exact number of syllables as the line's counterpart within the stanza.  Yes, I count each word out, write the number above it, and rearrange or change words entirely if needed  I've rewritten entire poems when I realized nothing rhymes with orange.

Some would call it dedication to the craft.  Some would call it perfectionism.  Some would call it crazy.  Some would call it OCD.  (Actually, that is probably a good call where I'm concerned.) 

I call it poetry.  I like it pretty, powerful, perfect, and tied up with a big ol' bow at the end.  That's my "style".  Much like that uncle we all have who is still hanging on to his Members Only jacket, I have held onto this style for the last 36 years.  What can I say?  I'm a creature of habit.  I don't really like change.  Then again I'm easily bored and always off to explore something new and different.  I'm a Gemini.  I can't help it.

Free writing poetry is as foreign to me as donning camo, grabbing a rifle, and blowing Bambi's mom away.  Maybe more so.  No meter?  No rhyme?  O M G-osh!  What to do?! What to do?!

Just between me and you, diary...  it was more like panic in the trailer park, but you get the idea.

I picked my prompt.  It was a nature exercise.  Sit outside in a quiet spot.  Close your eyes.  Then open them and write a list of the things you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.  It was all about imagery and the senses.
I figured, free writing or not, maybe Tuna with mayo if I got lucky.  Did you know you can kill the taste of anything with enough mayo?  Mmmm  MAYO.  Haven't touched the stuff in weeks.  Honest.

But I digress...  Back to nature...

Now, as with all my writing, I can't just do the normal thing.  No, not I!  I decided to wait until twilight.  It's my favorite part of the day.  *sparkle*  Okay, okay, that's not why.  Twilight is a great time to go out into nature and write a poem.  Under cover of partial-darkness, no one can see you out in your yard staring into space with that "duh...." expression on your face and pencils sticking out of your very unfabulous updo.  What? Don't you stick pencils in your hair and twirl them until the updo (i.e. tangled knot) appears?  Maybe I'm just weird. *shrug*  ANYhoo...

It wasn't typical twilight, which made it all the more amazing.  There was this incredible thick fog making its way down the mountain.  It was literally oozing across the valley.  Very eerie.  Very mysterious.  Very much my kind of inspiration.  Off I went, down to the creek, to sit on my favorite rock, and ponder natures mysteries in the darkness and mist.

My rock was under water.  My favorite tree had fallen.  I ended up standing there like a numbskull staring into the creek with a pout that would make Angelina jealous.  Bummer. 

My deadline looming, I settled for sitting on the fallen tree.  It wasn't the same.  I did manage to get enough "see/touch/hear/smell/taste" notes to work with.  I headed back inside to get to work.

My list was long and organized by sense.  I figured I'd be done by dinner time.  Turns out tuna wasn't on the menu either.  Oh, it was cake alright, but more like last year's FRUITCAKE.  It was hard to free write about the things I'd listed.  I tried to be really "outside the box" and delved into writing with enjambment technique, something very new and totally outside of my comfort zone.  It was choppy and kind of uh... well not very good.  I managed to tweak that version into "good enough", but we both know that I'm never satisfied with good enough.

48 sleepless hours and many tantrums and tears later...

I had 3 versions of my poem.  I sent it off to a handful of trusted pals (both writers and non) to see what they thought.  Reviews were mixed.  (Big thank you's to the friends I bugged with this self-doubt!)  I think only one of my dear friends got it precisely as I meant it.  Diary, let's just say it's both delightful and disturbing when someone knows you so well that even from 2 states away, and having never seen the place you call home, they are able to tell you exactly what you are describing.   No, I don't think the poem was so well written that he easily figured it out.  I think maybe he's psychic.  Possibly.

What were we talking about?  Oh, right.  The FRUITCAKE.

I turned it in tonight after much deliberation about which version to submit.  I'll let you know how it goes over.  I have to say despite my tears and the bad taste of year old fruitcake that lingers on my tongue... I'm pretty proud of it.  It's not bad.  I'd venture on decent.  Maybe even good.  It's probably the most poetic poem I've written and possibly one of the best.  Goooooo FRUITCAKE!  Whoo!

Oh, and during one of my meltdowns over the agony of poetic freedom...

I wrote another poem.  It was a frustrated attempt at amusing myself.  I wrote a poem about writing.  It turned out pretty good too.  I like it.  I like it a lot.

The important thing in all this random blabbering of course, is that I've been writing.  Non-stop.  For days.  It may not have been on my novel, or should I say novels, but I did write and it was a mind stretching and enlightening exercise in what I can do when I really put not just my heart but also my brain in the mix.  My total word count for the last 48 hours:  7,851  *whoop whoop*

Oh, and I did it all without chocolate and with only one cup of coffee.

Well, that's enough daily dosin' for today, err.. tonight.  I'm feeling generous.  I'll give a nifty prize away for comments.  Yep, just comment below after following this blog and you might win a $25 gift card of your choice.  Take advantage of my giving nature, please, I like it.  AND... drum-roll please... if you send 5 people here and they follow my blog, comment below, and mention your name...  I'll double the prize value and give one of those lucky new followers a nifty prize as well.

How cool am I? 

Actually,  I'm not cool.  It's 73 degrees outside... in January.

~ * ~

This post brought to you by a very tired blue monkey in a bikini.
A red/white/blue patriotic two-piece.

Just try to get that image outta your head!

I'll announce and contact winners, as always, within 48 hours.


Call Me Heretic said...

I considered hammering out a freeverse just to show off, but I'll be nice. ;)
I don't know about most of your followers, but I tend to get in a blog reading mood and read a bunch of old blogs all at once (this means I usually miss giveaways).
Very nice audible gasp of terror pic. :P

Rachel said...

Now following your blog. ^ Call Me Heretic sent me. >:) You're welcome.

The Saintly Sinner said...

I was also sent by good ol' Call Me Heretic

Call Me Heretic said...

You can tell she's related 'cause of the evil grin. >:)

Call Me Heretic said...


April Lewis said...

Youre awesome donna. Love reading all your stuff.

Hobbit said...

^_^ Eeeeeexactly >:)

DM Kilgore said...

Hahaha! Go ahead and toss me some free verse. I might learn something. ;)

That is my "say wha???" look. I cannot believe I posted it for all the world to see... but there it is. In all it's horrible glory. LoL

Thanks for stopping by! When you get bored (or hungry) come back.

*gnaws on finger*

DM Kilgore said...

LOVE IT! Thank you Evil Hobbit. I was just saying to myself earlier, "Self, this blog needs more evil hobbit."

I'm sure to gain a loyal following now.

"Come see the evil hobbit... $1."

Yes. Yes. *rubs hands together* MuWaahahahahaa

DM Kilgore said...

Whoo! Thank you oh Saintly one! And Heretic for sending some love (or greedy stalkers, I'm not picky) my way!

Kidding by the way, I love my stalkers.

DM Kilgore said...

APRIL!!!!!!!! Oh, Hai. LoL

Thanks and thanks for dropping by. =)

Call Me Heretic said...

Or the evil Kiwi.
People will come just to see what the heck you're talking about. :P

Donna Spivey said...

Each time I open the door leading into your asylum, I say, "ohhh!" and, "awwww!" and, "mommy, may I please stay and play?" Seriously Donna, your blogs make more sense to me than any others I read. Though I do not comment (most of the time) I am here on the other side of the screen whooping and hollering right along with you.
Oh, and I absolutely love the raw honesty thing. How great would it be if everyone sloughed off the yucky stuff and stuck with the honesty and purity of what is really on our minds and in our hearts (though purity might be a stretch for some!).
Discouragement should never be allowed entrance into your domain because small things beget big things and you, my friend, are destined for great things! As a matter of fact, you are already great in my mind!
Did I hear a comment on how to brainwash someone earlier?

Linnette R Mullin said...

Hehehe... Love this post!

I know it took me a while to get here. Sigh... But I'm here at last and I'm following you... Bwahahahaaaa.....

Glad you finally worked that baby out and glad, too, that at least one friend "got it". :D

Psst... Do I get to see the final product?

Oh! And may I mention that the other poem you came up with during the process... Well. I'll leave that up to you!

(blue monkey hugs)

DM Kilgore said...

ROFL well thank you Donna! (I think? *snicker*) I'm so glad to know you are out there. Even if you don't comment. ;) I often wonder if I'm just talking to myself around here. ^.^

Thanks for commenting and the kind encouragement, or brainwashing- whatever it was- I appreciate it. LoL

I have always been "honest" in my blogs, but you are right, the RAW kind of honest is better than the "honest" that we hide among words that lighten the truth.

I need a place to let it all hang out... might as well be here. ;)

Come play any time. The door is always open and there are not bedtimes or curfews here!

DM Kilgore said...

Linnette, thank you for stopping by and commenting. I know how hard it is to go read all the blogs and comment and still have time for our own blogs, books, and life in general. =)

I appreciated your help with the poem very much! Thank you. Yes, yes- I need to send you the final product.

As for the other one... hmmm... let me dress it up and send it to you for your blog's Friday With Friends. =)

Mirdala Cyare said...

I hit the FOLLOW THIS BLOG button!!! A certain Heretic sent me ;) She's trying hard! Call ALL the family! lol

Tyler Carrington said...

I was sent by a Heretic. Great stuff.

DM Kilgore said...

LOL Well I'm glad to have your whole family here. ;) Thanks for following!

DM Kilgore said...

Thank you Tyler!!! Good to see you in my Realm! =)

Hobbit said...

Not to exacerbate the consumerism already inherent in the system... :P But yes, by all means, do visit. :D

Call Me Heretic said...

Uh... Donna... If I got ALL my family here... you might end up hiding from your own blog. :P

Call Me Heretic said...

Thanks, Ty. ^.^

Ramirez said...

Congratz on the weight loss. I pick up and drop chocolate all the time. I need to drop it again. I love coffee I use Vanilla Almond milk instead of creamer, it saves major calories. It like 30-90 cal. for a cup, creamer is like 40-upwards for 1TBS.

I use to write poetry. My stanzas had to rhyme too. I haven't written anything for years. I might have to try again. Thank you for inspiring me.

I unfortunately can't send anyone to your blog, I don't know very many people. :(

DM Kilgore said...

You're here, and that's good enough for me! Thank you! And thanks for the tip on the almond milk. I might try that! =)

Josh said...

Sent here by Call Me Heretic. You can bet I'll always be lurking in the shadows.

- Josh Olds,

Call Me Heretic said...

Thanks, Josh. ^.^

DM Kilgore said...

I am honored to have you lurking in the shadows Josh! THANK YOU! =)

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