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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year Of New Opportunities

Whoo Hoo & Happy New Year!

Wait...  New Year?


That was fast. 
The older I get
the faster time seems to fly! 

This will surely be my New Year's ensemble for 2014 at this rate!

But, let us not dwell on the turbo-boosted aging process, and instead set our sights on the good things that a new year brings.  No, no, I'm not talking resolutions.  Does anyone really keep those things?  Don't get me wrong... I resolve to do things, but I refuse to call them "resolutions".  For me, that's a sure fire way to shoot myself in the foot before I even get out of the gate!  I make promises to myself instead.  I hate breaking promises.  This gives me an advantage from day one.  I'll kill myself trying to keep a promise!

This year I've promised to make more time for what's most important...
And to somehow simplify my terribly complex life!


I started by making a list of specific things I want to work on.


1. Finish my novel… and all that that implies.

2. Get back on “Lose It” and finish what I started – 30lbs gone, but I still have 25 to go.

3. I rescued 45 dogs in the last 6 months. I’d like to double that number this year.

4. Write more than the “novel”. I’d like to write a book on homeschooling and autism.

5. Make time in my life for my family/friends. Locking myself away to write is necessary but we all   need some sunlight and human contact.

6. Strengthen my relationship with my hubby- date nights, mandatory.

7. Do the same with my kids, a one-on-one “fun date” with each child.

8. Spend more time with my parents.



The trick is accomplishing this list while still managing to keep it simple.

I pondered how to simplify my promises as I sat scribbling them all down on a legal pad, crossing off ideas, and calculating how many hours in the day divided by how many worthy causes and  responsibilities.

How will I accomplish this? 


Each of my promises pertains to a specific area of my life.  Overall, I’d like to continue developing myself as a writer, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a follower of Christ… and as a human being.

I came across this picture online:

This was the inspiration behind what I am calling my "Life Journal".

I have started a three-ring binder and divided it into five sections: mind, body, spirit, relationships, and creativity/passion.

Each day I will set a goal for each section based on my list of promises to myself for the new year. 

Some goals are listed daily- writing 2,500 words, two-hours of studying, 30 minutes to an hour working out daily... but for each day I will also add one new goal to those "set in stone".  I plan to journal about the goal, make notes of things that inspire me that day, and list positive things that keep me motivated.  I will add prayers, song lyrics, photos, reminders, or whatever I feel needs to go in there. 

Essentially, it is a journal of baby steps that result in great changes in myself and the world around me.  It's a new year full of new opportunities and I believe this is my year!

Here’s to an amazing new year!
What are your goals, plans, promises, or resolutions for 2013?

Leave me a comment below and
I will choose one lucky random winner!

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