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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

No Impossibilities...

One of my (many) favorite quotes:  "In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities." ~Janos Arany  

I am a being filled with big dreams, created in me by my Father in heaven who has great plans for me.  I am overflowing with an abundance of love, given to me unconditionally, and all that is asked of me in return,  is that I love others as He has loved me. 

I'm pretty good at returning unconditional love to those that love unconditionally (dogs, for instance) and not so good at giving it to those who seem incapable of any kind of love-- especially that of the unconditional variety.  It's not easy to love those who seem unable to love others.  So, I pray:  Lord, help me to always remember, that it is those who are unable to  love, that need it most of all.  In my heart I know that if they cannot love others, it is because they cannot love themselves.  They are damaged, as I was damaged, and they can be made whole, as I was made whole.  Help me learn to love enough to pray for them, that they may seek You, so that You may make them whole, and they may learn to love themselves enough to love others. 

For in the end, I know... it is in my ability to love the unlovable that my heart shall be measured, not in my ability to love those who are so easy to love.  No matter how faithful I am, or how good my works might be, without love, I am nothing.  (1 Corinthians 13:2)  I once believed the meaning of that verse was that if I didn't "have" love, as in if it wasn't "given TO me", that I would be nothing.  But through God's amazing grace, where I was once blind, now I can clearly see... it means that if I have not LOVE to GIVE... I am nothing.

Stop and think, for just a moment, what if we woke up tomorrow in a world where every person committed, even if only for one day-- a mere 24 hours, to love everyone unconditionally.  Can you imagine it?

Ah, neither can I.  It seems... impossible, doesn't it?

No matter how hard it might seem to give love where we feel it is not deserved, we can.  
Where there is love... nothing is impossible... and where there is God... there is love.  

He is in my heart.  Is He in yours? 

You can love.  Unconditionally.

It won't be easy, but it's not impossible. 

After all...

With God you can do all things.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Go into the world this day, with love, and make a difference.
Be the light that shines into the darkness.
Do good deeds, and do them in love.

Are you up for the challenge?  

Complete the mission!  Then come back and let me know:  

Did you make a difference?  Did you let your light shine?  What good deeds did you do in love?  

Comment below, and I'll choose a random winner on Friday.  

Up for grabs:  A little something to shed light in the darkness. ;)

Winner's choice of a Thomas Kinkade nightlight (11 styles available).

While my novels might be a bit dark, maybe even scary, I'm all about shining a light in the darkness. ;)


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Anonymous said...

Hello Donna.

I left a comment before, but for some reason it didn't want to put it up... as It didn't post... technology can be so weird. :P But yeah, I said that I will take you up on your challenge! and I would love to win a night light! I love night lights! I think back to when I would stay at my grandma's. She would put a night light in my room and I remember falling asleep watching it.

But yes, I so agree with you! I find that in life there are people that are easy to love and those that are tough to.

I know that when I have gone to a gas station I have been greeted by a crabby guy and I find myself thinking about how much that guy doesn't like his job. Those can be the tough ones to love, that usually make other people's days not as good as they could be.

But I found that if you take the time to smile and chat with them, they it may just turn their day around. A few weeks ago I was in a store shopping when the lady working there said that my smile made her day! That really amazed me that something so small could do something so big in someone's life!

This was an awesome post! Keep it up! :D

Donna Spivey said...

Dear Donna,
What an incredible post of the simplest of ways to make a difference in someones or many someones lives.
It is so clear in the Word that no matter how we are treated or even hated that we are to love them as God loves us.
Seems impossible until I remember the mess I was in when He immersed me in His love, grace and mercy. When I want to "reach out and touch " someone rather than praying for them that I was responsible for nailing Him to the cross.
It stops me cold in my tracks and humbles me immediately when I hear Him begin to whisper, "I died for them as well as you. I love them beyond their sins and trespasses. Are you greater than Me?"
Thank you for the beautiful reminder of His unconditional love and our command to do the same.
I accept your challenge humbly.

Kelsey-plain and simple said...

Donna Dearest,

This was a lovely post, and something I needed to think on. I have a hard time loving people when they are in my space. It's easy to love those far away (I love everyone in Austria unconditionally. Same with England etc). But hearing the whole "Loving someone who is hard to love" that I need to work on.

Thank you for the encouragement. I will use it to love on the coworker who drives me nuts and who doesn't express herself well. Instead of being driven nuts and showing her my impatience..I will treat her with love. That is my challenge.

You are amazing. This was needed. Bless your heart.

DM Kilgore said...

Never underestimate the power of a smile. How does that saying go? If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours. =) Sometimes the smallest of gestures can leave the greatest impact.

DM Kilgore said...

Ah,THANK YOU for the beautiful reply. That is a wonderful reminder, He did die for them as well. Thank you.

DM Kilgore said...

Thank you so much, Kelsey. What I want most to do with my writing is to reach someone in a way that they find useful, to encourage them, and to shine that light where it is needed. Good luck with the co-worker, that can be very hard, but handled with love... perhaps you will find a good outcome. Let me know how it goes!

DM Kilgore said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO DEVIN BERGLUND! Your name was chosen in the random drawing to win your choice of Thomas Kinkade night lights! I will send you a message that includes the link to pick the light of your choice. Thank you all for accepting the challenge and shining your lights!

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